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St. Andrews Park

Welcome St. Andrews Park Residents!St Andrew's Park development in Halling village

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About the Name

The name “St. Andrews” was chosen for its local historical significance. The first Bishop of Rochester established the “St Andrews the Apostle” church there, which later became Rochester Cathedral. Many of Rochester’s Bishops lived in Halling. The first mention of St. Andrews in association with the area is in the Doomsday Book.

About the Site

•  The re-development of the former cement works began with the demolition of the chimney in September 2010. Several videos can be found on Youtube, for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OUdQ88v-o0 #
•  Redrow Homes Ltd. is the developer of the approx. £75 million pound project, see http://www.redrow.co.uk/developments/st-andrews-park-halling #
•  Halling Parish will grow by the addition of 385 homes.
•  Of these, 25% or 95 units are for MHS Homes (Medway Housing Association) with three different schemes of rent or ownership.
•  All homes will be built in planned phase progression and building was originally forecasted to be completed by the end of 2018.
•  The water gantry (pipe) across the A228 that diverts water from the Blue Lake to the Medway River will be removed and replacement pipe will be tunnelled (moled) under the road by the end of 2014.
•  A pedestrian bridge has been built across the A228 adjacent to Kent Road roundabout.
•  Medway Council authorizes street names: Halling Parish Council suggested names of local significance.

Other Amenities and Services for public use

•  Recreational uses of the lake will be available through a separate business #.
•  The agriculture field below Pilgrim’s Road will become a “grassed recreational” area with no housing development.
•  Some of the land around the lake will remain designated habitat areas.
•  A trim trail will be built on the northwest corner of the lake.
•  Two small play areas will be located within the housing area.
•  Two of the three will be developed: a pub, a hotel or a clinic.

Redrow and the Halling Community

•  Redrow (the developer of St Andrews Park) has contributed £100,000 to the Halling Parish Council for the purchase of the purchase of the former Fire Station.
•  Redrow has paid £256,000 to Cuxton School.
•  Redrow will develop two junior football pitches next to the allotments. These will be for hire by area youth clubs, approximate delivery date to the Parish Council mid 2015.

Formby Terrace

The whole Formby Terrace site (initially intended for demolition) is classified for “commercial development” i.e. use as offices, warehouses or production.  Recently, this was changed specifically for the homes which have now been refurbished.  Remaining areas of the site are now being developed for light industrial uses. This is in accordance with Medway Development Plan to retain employment opportunities in the area.

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