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November 2013 Meeting Minutes
Draft - to be adopted at next meeting

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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 12th November 2013 at the Jubilee Hall



Present:         Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair,  Sally Brady - Vice-Chair (SB);  Chris Herbert (CH);

Les Hitchcock (LH); Matthew Fearn (MF); Kevyn Wightman (KW); Tony Pickard (TP)

12  members of the public


Under Parishioners’ Questions, the Chairman read out a statement from Daryl Palmer stating his position on the FW11 and FW12 accounts where he was never Treasurer of FWC but volunteered to get the accounts together for HPC and for which he had been thanked by the Auditor.


1.          Apologies

Bill Swan – Clerk and Trudi Smith – Assistant Clerk.


2.         Minutes of last meeting

It was proposed by CH, seconded by KW that the minutes of the 9th October meeting and the extra ordinary meeting on 29th October were a true record. All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.


3.          Matters Arising  - none


4.        Disclosure of Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial Interests

CH declared a DPI in item 24


5.          Any Other Business

LH had 1 item; MJ had 3 items.


6.          Planning & Development

KW said that anybody can go onto the Planning website and that the new HPC website would have a link to this. 

TP agreed to act as Portfolio Holder for Planning.


7.          Parish Council website

Our webmaster, Clive Stanley was invited to speak.  He had a meeting last week with KW and the Clerk at which the designs he proposed were accepted.  Data is being moved across and the Planning portal is being added.  He is only about halfway through the exercise and the agreed budget may be exceeded.   KW reminded everyone to add their photos.


8.          Parish Council Publication

MF challenged the shortness  of time for the Committee to prepare the December issue.

KW said that the HPC representatives were not aware of the posters to be included in the magazine.  Agreed to do the December issue as Halling View and that a decision on the change of name should be left over until the next HPC meeting.


9.  Format of Parishioners’ Questions.

JS asked if PQs could allow residents to clarify matters during the meeting  and could they be at a different time during  meetings.

MJ said that Chairs had discretion to allow residents to speak during meetings if appropriate.

JS is to follow up the question of changing Standing Orders and will report to the next meeting.


10. Availability of Good Councillors’ Guide to Parishioners

JS raised this question and MJ said that the Clerk can let residents have a copy if required and KW asked if  it can be put on the website.


11. Contractors and Public Works awareness

JS wanted more information about impending works and CH said that this could also be put on the website.


12.  Regular HPC newsletter

JS said that as the Halling View is only quarterly, there is a need for HPC to communicate with residents more frequently than this. MJ will look into the cost in conjunction with the Clerk and report back.


13.  Social Media

MJ noted that if Members make a personal or non-personal statement on Facebook as representing HPC they should be careful when entering into debates with other people.  KW asked for clarification as to what brings HPC into disrepute.  MJ said that this si something that contravenes Standing Orders.


14. Annual Parish Meeting.

MJ said that HPC should invite representatives of groups in the Village to have speak eg Community Centre, Jubilee Hall, Police, BO Peeps, Halling School, Local Businesses.  KW said that she had attended such meetings when all the community are open to attend. 


15. Training for new Councillors

MJ raised this 6 months ago and said that attending  training such as that held on 21st November by KALC should be a requirement for new Councillors.  MJ proposed, seconded by CH, that new Councillors undertake training at the earliest opportunity or no later than 6 months after taking 


17. White Pit

KW said that the White Pit is owned by Cemex and the lease to HPC will expire in 2014.  A meeting has been set up with Cemex for 3rd December to discuss future arrangements.   KW said that a licence agreement with Valley of Vision was signed on 6th January 2012 by the then Chairman Daryl Palmer and KW pointed out the scope of the works agreed.  CH noted that no funds are left.  Agreed that Daryl Palmer be approached to ascertain proof of what was actually done by VoV. KW said that HPC needs to keep records of what was done.

KW suggested that HPC apply for grants to maintain the White Pit.  She will report back to the next meeting.


18. Bishops Palace update

KW noted the damage caused to the wall by vandalism. It is Medway Council’s responsibility to maintain the wall and KW has contacted VoV to help with persuading Medway to carry out this out.  Signs need to be put up warning persons not to climbs the walls etc.  The Tyre swing safety surface is damaged.  Need to have a regular item on the Agenda for Bishops Place.


19. Estates – purchase of equipment and training

KW said that VoV gave equipment to HPC but £120 is needed to train people to use the strimmer. 

It was proposed by KW, seconded by TP, that £120 be spent on this.  All agreed.


Items 20 (Play equipment update) and 21(Receipts)  adjourned in absence of the Clerk


22. Payments

1.  Ash Electricals - - work at Jubilee Hall   £860.00  £172 Vat  £1032 to enable HPC to reclaim VAT on behalf of JHMC.

2.  Medway Council – lottery licence for FW14                          £20.00

3.  Tom Bailey – work at Upper Rec.                                             £97.50

3.  JHMC – hire of hall                                                                      £12.00

Proposed by MJ, seconded by CH, that these payments be approved and that the quote by Scarbutts Printers of £856 (as against £1398 by the  previous printers) for printing Halling View be accepted .  All agreed.


23.  Any Other Business

LH said that the Youth Club is holding a Children in Need evening on 15th November 2013.


24  Restricted item – Grievance procedure

MJ proposed that any future grievances should be dealt with within 28 days.   All agreed that this should be adopted.


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