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January 2018 Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting on Tuesday 9th January 2018

Chris Herbert

Lower Ward


Apology Accepted


Matt Fearn 

Upper Ward 

Vice Chairman


George Wenham 

Upper Ward 

Estates Portfolio


Trevor Reynolds 

Upper Ward

HR Group


Paul Crispe 

Lower Ward 

HR Group


Richard Thorne 

Lower Ward 

Planning Portfolio, HR Group


Andy Simpson

Lower Ward



Kelly Talbot

Lower Ward

Apology Accepted


Les Hitchcock 

Lower Ward 



Anita Butterfield

North Halling

Apology Accepted


Roni Jones


In attendance


Members of the Public




Apologies for Absence


KT and AB were on personal business and their apologies were accepted. CH was absent for personal reasons and this was duly accepted.




Disclosure of any other business


Four Items were noted




Declaration of any Pecuniary and / or Prejudicial Interests






Adjourn the meeting for Public Questions

Issues raised included

  • Planning application for the flats adjacent to Formby Terrace
  • Coverage in the parish office when the Clerk is not on site
  • Could public questions be at the end not beginning of the meeting
  • Fire Station sale
  • Abandoned vehicles at the School car park



Reconvene the meeting













Minutes of Previous Parish Council meeting


The Minutes of the meeting on 4th December 2017 were accepted

and agreed as a true record


This was Proposed by LH; Seconded by GW and was agreed



The Minutes were duly signed






Information arising from the minutes not on the agenda

























Planning Applications since the last meeting

Report by Councillor Thorne:


MC17/4273 6 meter extension no issues and no objections


MC17 /4209 Small extension, one neighbour objection which was overcome, no objections


MC17/1270 Flats development by Redrow


A long discussion ensued and it was concluded although the flats number and height had been reduced that 7 of the 8 objections raised previously were still valid. It was noted that all 46 objectors previously would have been invited to comment on the revised application


It was agreed that HPC would object on the same grounds as previously


Proposed RT, Seconded TR and carried unanimously


RT to e mail Clerk with objections for prompt action










































Estates Matters since the last meeting

Report by George Wenham on the Footpaths, Recreation Grounds and Marsh


Tarmac were holding up the progress related to the maintenance of the gate. Clerk to write and ask Tarmac’s intentions


The gate on the marsh which has been under discussion with Farmer Lingham has now been removed and placed on the ground. This needs removal and replacement, additional posts will be required.


It was agreed to allow the Marsh to lie fallow for a year so no tender will be let this year, although it may be possible to offer hay (71 bales this summer) to a farmer on the basis of cutting and retrieval twice during the season.


Proposed GW, Seconded TR, 6 in favour, MF Abstained.


Yellow Box to the top of Marsh Road, HPC land but used by residents. One quote of £350 and a second at £425 received. After a discussion it was agreed to vote on the proposal to progress this work.


Proposed GW, Seconded LH, 3 in favour 3 Against, MF Abstained but used his casting vote in favour. Motion Carried


Play Inspections: For various reasons 3 volunteer inspectors had resigned; an appeal for volunteers was made. GW advised that he would personally ensure that the statutory weekly inspection would take place until suitable arrangements were made







































Application by a Councillor to represent HPC on Halling Community Centre


Councillor Simpson put himself forward to liaise with HCC on behalf of HPC. Councillor Hitchcock stated that he was the current nominated representative. After some clarification as to whether this was on the website or not, this was taken to vote


Proposed AS, Seconded RT and Agreed


LH asked for a letter to be sent to HCC























Halling Fire Station


MF outlined that on 14th November the HPC concluded it could no longer bear the cost of the fire station and that whilst the sale was continuously imminent, there was no completion. A letter was written giving the HBC a deadline to complete of the 25.12.17; this was not achieved. Correspondence has been received this week and due to the commercially sensitive nature of the content it was proposed to move this item to restricted


Proposed MF, Seconded TR and Agreed





















Feedback from the HPC Working Groups   




RT Outlined that there had been 2 meetings and offered an apology to the clerk for the manner of her early induction into the role. To move forward a terms of reference with delegate authority needed to be drawn up and it was hope to achieve this at the planned finance meeting later in January


PC asked could all HR matters be routed to the HR working group


Given that there was additional items to discuss and the sensitive nature of the content it was proposed to move this item to restricted


Proposed MF, Seconded PC; 5 for, 2 against and the motion was carried




GW Outlined the positives and learning points from the recent Christmas event, specifically the need to review safety arrangements related to the tree lighting element of the day. The community unity was noted and appreciated


The event came in under budget by £500 and a number of items had been purchased and carefully stored for future use.




Feedback from the KALC Crime Prevention and Safety Conference and a CCTV Scheme in Halling


Councillor Simpson outlined the benefits of attending the recent KALC Conference and recommended to the Council an app called ‘Country Eye’; and was keen to pursue the notion of community wardens in Halling; particularly in the light of local antisocial behaviour.


Halling needs to develop a resilience plan and to communicate this to the Environment Agency


He is going to write an article for the March Halling View outlining the learning and recommending that villagers vote with the Crime Commissioner so that Halling may be funded in its anti social behaviour deterrent programme.









To receive and make relevant proposals for

The clerk presented the 3rd Quarter figures


The following items were deferred for a Finance meeting on 17.1.18 at 7.30 at HCC


  • Budget for 2018-2019
  • Precept level
  • To discuss the annual audit
















Receipts and Payments


The Council discussed

  • To discuss receipts received since the last meeting
  • To discuss and approve for payment any invoices received since the last meeting.
  • To approve any regular payments made since the last meeting.


The finance report (PDF version) as presented was agreed.


Proposed AS, Seconded LH and agreed unanimously











Any Other Business (No votes may be taken)     


Bob Morton’s recent passing was noted with regret and it was agreed that a letter of sympathy be sent to his widow and a donation of £50 be sent to his nominated charity


Proposed GW, Seconded MF and agreed unanimously



Councillor Fearn outlined the planned Safety Island on Rochester Road which is likely to begin works in April 2018


Councillor Hitchcock’s change in duties were noted, he is still working in Halling although arrangements are now slightly different


Redrow’s commitment to a football pitch for Halling had been discussed but no reasonable solution had yet been identified. Councillor Thorne stated that this was ongoing.















Halling Fire Station


It was unanimously resolved to send a letter to the Grace Baptist Church offering a method of securing their purchase whilst simultaneously placing the site back on the open market


The Council stated that the Overage should not be removed.


Proposed PC, Seconded RT and agreed unanimously







In order to have the delegated authority of a Sub Committee the HR working group needed to develop a terms of reference which clearly outlined their authority and limits and bring this back to the Council for ratification, at which point the Council would agree or not to the proposal.




20.            Future Meetings, all at 7.30pm:

Monday 17th January 2018

Community Centre

Monday 5 February 2018

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Community Centre

Monday 9th April 2018

Jubilee Hall


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