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March 2018 Meeting Minutes
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HPC Meeting 13th March 2018

Community Centre 7.30pm


Attendees:         Cllr C Herbert (Chairman)         Cllr T Reynolds                Cllr R Thorne                                

                            Cllr P Crispe         Cllr A Simpson            

                            T Smith (temporary clerk) &     10 Members of the public


1.           Apologies for absence

              Apologies were accepted for Cllr Talbot who was away, Cllr Butterfield who was ill and Cllr Hitchcock who had work/family commitments.  Cllr Fearn was unable to get to the meeting in the end due to his Ward Councillor work commitments.


2.           Disclosure of any other business                       None


3.           Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial Interests    -             None


4.           Public Questions

              Before the public asked their questions, CH asked for it to be noted that the Annual Parish Meeting is pencilled in for 21st April 2018 and the Community Centre Bookings Secretary said she would confirm availability of the hall.

              CH also pointed out that the WI Easter Event has had overwhelming response to the Easter Bunny Tea and on behalf of the Parish Council wanted to say a big well done to all those involved in the planning of the event.

              Clearing up of rubbish around the village, at the station and on the A228. (Action: TS to contact Network Rail and Medway Council)

              Clearing of the roadway to the Cemetery. (Action: TS to contact Medway Council)

              Concern over the land off Pilgrims Way being cleared by the owners and the affect to natural habitat and wildlife. (Action: RT to follow up concerns)

              If public footpath RS216 was ever re-routed and concern over the illegal signs erected by St Andrew’s Leisure warning of trespass. (Action: TS to locate a definite map)

              The concern over Tarmac’s lack of response with regard to the permissive path at Whittings Farm.  (Action: TR to contact Mr Daniels) 

              Request was made to make note of thanks from the village to Cllr Herbert for his help over the last few years to finalise the sale of the fire station to the Baptist Church and for the unanimous vote at last month’s meeting.

              Request also made to make note of thanks to Matt Fearn for his work regarding land to rear of Formby Terrace planning application and appeal.

              Request made for Cllr Fearn to liaise with MC to remove sentence in report which mentions flat occupants being able to use open spaces at Redrow Site, which are actually private, not public land as stated.

              Concern over use and distribution of Section 106 monies.

              New Data Protection Regulations coming in.


5.           Minutes of Previous meetings

              The minutes of the HPC meeting held 12th February 18 were proposed by TR, seconded by RT, Cllr AS was not present at this meeting and abstained, the remaining Cllrs voted in favour that they be accepted and duly signed.

              Minutes of the Meeting 21st February 2018 were proposed by RT, seconded by TR.  Again, Cllr AS was not present at this meeting and abstained, the remaining Cllrs voted in favour that they be accepted and duly signed.


6.           Matters Arising from the Minutes                    None


7.           Social Media and Communications Working Group

              AS recommended having a working group on social media and looking into how HPC can work more efficiently getting information to the public.  It was agreed that this should be looked into further by AS, AB in her absence and the new clerk.


8.           Planning Applications

              RT informed the meeting of 2 planning applications made.

              MC/18/0674 – Foxhill, Vicarage Road – no objections raised.

              MC/18/0436 – 18 High Street – objections raised to lack of parking.  Motion was proposed by RT, seconded by CH (Action: HPC to raise objection with MC)


9.           Appointment of Estates & Footpaths Portfolio Holder

               Paul Crispe volunteered and was unanimously elected.


10.         World War I Commemorations 2018

              RT explained to those present about the “There but not There” campaigns by the Royal British Legion.  Cllr RT proposed the purchase of 10 of these figures at £42 each.

              It was agreed by the council to take the idea to the next Halling Association meeting to discuss and share funding.  Item was deferred to next parish council meeting.


11.         Appointment of Auditor

              HPC has identified a KALC auditor at the cost of £50 per hour + £0.45 per mile travel with the audit anticipated to take no longer than 2 days.  CH proposed they contact and go ahead with the external auditor. Motion seconded by RT and all were in favour.


12.         Halling Fire Station Update

              CH informed all those present that contracts had been signed and completion date is 20 March 2018.


13.         Fun Day 2018

              RT proposed HPC divert all resources this year to the WW1 commemorations and do something special for the village such as firework display, lighting the beacon, a WW1 style party at the Community Centre and getting the kids involved.  Everyone was favourable with the idea, especially as the village is having a large Easter event organised by the WI.  A working group of all councillors will be formed to progress the planning of WW1 event in November.


14.         Receipts and Payments

              Monies received since the last meeting amounted to £165 towards HV advertising.

              All payments made since the last meeting were accepted. Proposed by RT, seconded by AS all were in favour.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm

Next HPC meeting Monday 9th April 7.30pm Jubilee Hall



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