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February 2018 Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting on 12th February 2018 at the Jubilee Hall, 7.30pm


Attendees:         Cllr C Herbert (Chairman)         Cllr L Hitchcock               Cllr G Wenham              Cllr T Reynolds
Cllr R Thorne                                 Cllr K Talbot                     Cllr A Butterfield           Cllr P Crispe
T Smith (temporary clerk) & 40 Members of the public 

1.           Apologies for absence              Apologies were accepted for Cllr A Simpson who was ill and Cllr M Fearn who was on holiday. 

2.           Disclosure of any other business                       GW -1                  RT - 1 

3.           Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial Interests              CH – WI funding  

4.           Public Questions

              7 questions raised over the sale of the fire station to the Baptist Church.
              The removal of CCTV in Vicarage road.
              Confirmation that Halling Recreation Grounds are Fields in Trust and cannot be built on.
             Concern over land being cleared off Pilgrims Road by the large 5 bar gate.
              Request was made to make note of thanks expressed to Cllr Crispe for his help over recent admin complaints.
              Request for the Finance Committee to look into recent office payments made. 

5.           Minutes of Previous meetings

              The Chairman informed those present that as there is currently no Clerk, he had drawn up the Agenda for this meeting and the Finance Meeting minutes from 22 Jan 18 with information he had at his disposal at that time.
              Trudi Smith was asked to and agreed to help with office admin while HPC is without a Clerk.
              The minutes of the HPC meeting held 9 January 18 were proposed by LH, seconded by PC, Cllrs CH, AB and KT were not present at this meeting, the remaining cllrs voted in favour that they be accepted and duly signed.
              The Finance Meeting Minutes from 22 January presented to the Council were proposed by LH, seconded by PC and all voted in favour that they be duly signed.

6.           Matters Arising from the Minutes

7.           Halling Fire Station
              The Chairman CH read out a proposal statement from the Agenda to those present and request was made to list how councillors voted over the sale of the fire station to the Baptist Church.   [Councillor Herbert formally proposed that : “Exchange of Contracts for the sale of Halling Fire Station to Halling Baptist Church be effected immediately and the sale completed at the earliest opportunity thereafter in accordance with the Parish Council's decision taken on 9th March 2016”].  The proposal was seconded by TR and all councillors present voted in favour of expediting the sale to the Baptist Church.  (in favour: CH, TR, LH, GW, KT, PC, RT, AB / None against).
               It was noted that a certificate agreeing the sale to the Baptist Church is still due from Kent Fire and Rescue Service and not HPC.
               HPC will expedite their own asbestos survey as requested from the solicitors and both sides agreed as signed contracts are with the solicitors, the completion can be achieved without further delay.  [
The decision taken as a matter of urgency to commission an asbestos survey as required by a vendor of a commercial property and at a cost of £295 be ratified.]   Proposed by CH, seconded by TR, all in favour. 

8.           Precept

              It was agreed that the village precept remain unchanged for the second year running and the Council accepted the recommendation by the Finance Committee.
              Motion was proposed by GW, seconded by RT and all were in favour.

9.           Planning Applications
              RT informed the meeting of 5 planning applications made.
              MC 18/0254  -  35 The Timbers  (no objections)
              MC 18/0241 - 12 Grove Road (no objections)
              MC/17/4306 – 44 Essex Road (no objections)
              MC/17/3838 – 3 Meadow Close (no objections) 


             MC/18/0433 – 1 Ashby Close (objection of huge reduction in light has been raised by a neighbour with a listed building and HPC agreed to support this objection).
             MC/18/0121 & MC/18/0175  – Hilights Southern Ltd – rear of Formby Terrace.
              Construction of Industrial Units and 10 more houses.
             Concerns were raised with regard to the flow of traffic exiting and entering the A228, noise to existing property, mixed development on the site, density of population in the village and inadequate parking.
              Motion for HPC to write to Medway Council with objections was proposed by LH and seconded by GW, all were in favour. 

              A sign has been erected at St Andrews Park re: Optivo development of social housing. HPC will check with Medway Council that these properties are part of the original planning application and not a new submission to build more.

10.         Estates

              It was highlighted that notice be put into the Minutes/Halling View to warn parents of letting their children and dogs play on the Marsh land as the area is boggy and dykes are currently flooded.
              It was stated that the notice erected by owners of the Blue Lake land off Pilgrims Road, saying the land is private and denying public access, is very misleading as the 216 is a public footpath and therefore enshrined within law giving general public a legal right of way.  It cannot therefore be trespass.
               Mr B Barnes informed the meeting of the current situation regarding the permissive path at Whittings Farm.  All documentation is ready to proceed but Tarmac has failed to reply to any queries sent and declined to attend a meeting.   Action: HPC to liaise with Tarmac.
               GW informed the meeting that they have lost two playground inspectors and estates were looking for volunteers again.  LH and GW were unable to do the inspections due to ill health and job changes.
11.         Application for funding from the WI
              The Halling Sapphires Women’s Institute have asked for help with funding the Halling Village Easter Hunt event at The Community Centre on March 31st and offer of help from HPC on the day.  (Full event details to go in the Halling View and on notice boards).  The Community Centre is only charging for minimal cost to cover lighting, heating and cleaning of the hall.  HPC agreed to share the funding with Halling Association.  It was proposed by KT to give the WI £250 and this was seconded by AB.  CH abstained due to interest and all voted in favour.

12.         Receipts and Payments

              Cheque payments are all up to date but VAT hasn’t been listed nor any expenses incurred after the date of the Finance Meeting.  Proposed by LH, seconded by PC – all in favour.
              AB did not attend the KALC councillor course due to not receiving notification from the office but as the course has been paid for could KALC defer payment to another date?  Action: TS to chase.

13.         A.O.B
              GW gave a summary of a course he had attended on harassment and bullying in the workplace.
              RT raised the question of replacement of the folding doors at the Community Centre.

 The meeting finished at 8.40pm

 Next Parish Council meeting will be held at

The Community Centre 7.30pm Tuesday 13th March 2018



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