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October 2017 Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting on 30th October 2017

Chris Herbert

Lower Ward



Matt Fearn 

Upper Ward 

Apology Accepted


George Wenham 

Upper Ward 

Estates Portfolio


Trevor Reynolds 

Upper Ward



Paul Crispe 

Lower Ward 



Richard Thorne 

Lower Ward 

Planning Portfolio

Apology Accepted


Andy Simpson

Lower Ward



Kelly Talbot

Lower Ward



Les Hitchcock 

Lower Ward 



Roni Jones


In attendance


Members of the Public




Apologies for Absence


Apologies from  MF and RT were recorded and accepted; AS Arrived at 19.50




Disclosure of any other business


KT had one item




Declaration of any Pecuniary and / or Prejudicial Interests


There were no interests declared




Adjourn the meeting for Public Questions issues raised included 

  • Letter of thanks requested for CP (One had already been sent)
  • Lorry Damage done to fencing in Vicarage Close
  • Park Seats were now refurbished and awaiting installation
  • Opening hours of office to be clarified
  • Recycling bags were required
  • Kent Messenger awareness of community events in Halling
  • Fire station sale progress
  • Willow House Planning Permission update
  • Formby Terrace Fencing and Planning
  • Website to be updated
  • Grassed area (North Field) to be developed
  • Shrubs to be replaced to Halling Green Spacers; AGM 25.11.17



Reconvene the meeting
















Minutes of Previous Parish Council meeting


The Minutes of the meeting on 12th September were accepted with the addition of clarification by adding ‘Community Payback’ in Para1 of Page 2 and agreed as a true record


This was Proposed by TR; Seconded by GW and was unanimously agreed


The Minutes of the meeting on 26th September were accepted with the addition of clarification by deleting the word Finance from the title


This was Proposed by LH; Seconded by KT and was unanimously agreed


Both Sets of Minutes were signed






Information arising from the minutes not on the agenda





Announcement of the winner of the Balloon Competition


The winner was Poppy Lou Richman with Balloon number 177 which reached the suburbs of Paris, close to EuroDisney.



























































Exigent Approval of Costs


The Council received a paper on Christmas, New Year, Remembrance Sunday and Community Defibs; each item was discussed and the following resolutions were made:




Given the surplus generated at the Fayre and the current circumstances in relation to lack of connectivity, the Council are asked to agree a budget of a maximum of £3000 for Christmas in Halling on the basis that as soon as connectivity is restored a detailed proposal will be forthcoming and grants made.


This was Proposed by CH; Seconded by KT and was unanimously agreed





That the Council agrees and endorses the planned NYE event at HCC  as booking agent for the HCC on the basis of zero cost to HPC with the intention of providing a facility in Halling for those with families to celebrate together


This was Proposed by CH; Seconded by TR and was unanimously agreed





That the Council agrees to meet the costs of the Wreaths as previously (cost currently unclear)


This was Proposed by GW; Seconded by CH and was unanimously agreed





That the Council assumes responsibility, with permission of HCC for all community defibrillators, their weekly checking and their maintenance needs to meet the standards laid down by SECAMB


That the Council works with community fundraisers to purchase a defibrillator at £800 for Upper Halling and a further defibrillator for North Halling to be sited in St Andrews Park in consultation with Redrow


That the defibrillator in Lower Halling is supported by the HPC until 2020 when the current supplies become obsolete. That at that point a further machine is purchased by the HPC with community volunteer fundraisers.


Cost at this time will be £1700 to be mitigated by donations


This was Proposed by CH; Seconded by KT and was unanimously agreed




HPC Risk Register Development


The Clerk outlined the beginning of the development of the Corporate Risk Register for HPC and proposed that a small number  of councillors work together to develop the associated action plan based on probability and likelihood and RAG rated same.


This was to be discussed further in item 16




Any other Business


KT Outlined an issue with the foliage from the Yew Trees rooted in the Church Grounds but overhanging the public highway, creating a trip hazard.


Clerk to bring this to the attention of the Rev Knight












Restricted Items:


A vote to hold the following items in Closed Session:

This was Proposed by CH; Seconded by TR and was unanimously agreed





Meeting closed to the General Public


















Human Resources Update and Staff Contract Ratification


The Clerk presented her detailed report and recommendations including the immediate future of the Parish Council in terms of its staffing arrangements. She then left the meeting for councillors to consider her report.


It was agreed that an HR Group be established to work closely with the Clerk and where necessary bring reports and recommendations to the Parish Council for consideration, the Group to comprise


Councillors Paul Crispe, Trevor Reynolds. and Richard Thorne.


It was proposed by Councillor Wenham, seconded by Councillor Talbot and unanimously AGREED that


1. The post of Assistant to the Parish Clerk be not filled for the time being,

2. The core hours of the Parish Clerk be temporarily increased from 11 to 18 hours per week, and

3. The situation relating to the Assistant’s post and the Clerk’s core hours is to be reviewed in six months time.


The remaining recommendations were noted for further consideration





8.            Future Meetings, all at 7.30pm:

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Community Centre

Monday 4 December 2017

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Community Centre

Monday 5 February 2018

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 13th  March 2018

Community Centre

Monday 9th April 2018

Jubilee Hall


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