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November 2017 Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting on 14th November 2017

[ Accepted at the 4th December 2017 PC Meeting with two amendments.  Please refer to those Meeting Minutes for details. ]


Chris Herbert

Lower Ward



Matt Fearn 

Upper Ward 



George Wenham 

Upper Ward 

Estates Portfolio


Trevor Reynolds 

Upper Ward



Paul Crispe 

Lower Ward 



Richard Thorne 

Lower Ward 

Planning Portfolio

Apology Accepted


Andy Simpson

Lower Ward

Apology Accepted


Kelly Talbot

Lower Ward

Apology Accepted


Les Hitchcock 

Lower Ward 



Roni Jones


In attendance


Members of the Public




Apologies for Absence


Apologies RT, KT & AS; the first two in writing and the third at the meeting. C and RJ arrived at 19.50.


A discussion ensued about the previous minuted agreement to accept only apologies in writing before the meeting.




Disclosure of any other business






Declaration of any Pecuniary and / or Prejudicial Interests


CH declared a Pecuniary interest in finance




Adjourn the meeting for Public Questions issues raised included


  • Management of finance from the sale of the Fire Station
  • Social Media about New Year’s Eve at HCC
  • The confusion over dates and venues for HPC Meetings during and after the loss of internet services.  The Vice-Chairman, in the Chair apologised to residents for the convenience this had caused.
  • Temporary hoardings next to Formby Terrace.
  • The Willow house, planning application
  • The bridge over the A228’s colours



Reconvene the meeting













Minutes of Previous Parish Council meeting


The Minutes of the meeting on 30th October were accepted and agreed as a true record


This was Proposed by PC; Seconded by LH and was agreed, MF not being present abstained


The Minutes were signed






Information arising from the minutes not on the agenda


MF agreed to fund the Halling Green Spacers £75 from his Ward Fund






To receive a nomination for Mrs A Butterfield to the Council


Sadly Anita had been unable to join the meeting so this item was deferred to 4.12.17




Planning Applications since the last meeting


MC/17/3288 A retrospective application for a Ménage – to be Rolled Over to December when Councillor Thorne may comment




Estates Matters since the last meeting

Report by George Wenham on the Footpaths, Recreation Grounds and Marsh


A requirement to make remedial actions at the upper recreation ground had been received from the insurers and acted upon. Await full report before planning further action


Community Payback had been active in the Upper Car Park and Marsh Road


Quotes were awaited for yellow hatching on Marsh Road to prevent parking – this was estimated to be £5-600 and ought to proceed when the quotes are received


Proposed GW, Seconded MF


The farmer has vacated the field but has not removed the locked gate. The Clerk was to send a letter requesting this and all other remedial actions as agreed under the tender


A report on the Marsh by Bristol University was being chased by GW; the author needing permission to share.


A tree stump in the lower rec is again sprouting and needs approximately £250 to have material inserted which will stop this


The play equipment rota needs to be checked and maintenance scheduled (to tie with Zurich’s report)

Whittings farm permissive path being progressed – posts are required to prevent car or lorry ingress to the land. Cemex have commissioned some sampling on the adjacent farm. One sluice drain is inoperative and this is likely to result in flood to the Farmer’s land































HPC Working Groups Structure (Finance, Personnel, Estates, Events, Neighbourhood Plan)


This matter to be discussed by E mail within the Council and rolled over for ratification at the next meeting













Halling Fire Station


There has been a further delay related to the conversion costs increasing considerably. An email had been received from Pastor Kevin this afternoon


It was proposed by MF and seconded by TR that this item be moved to restricted and contractual matters discussed in camera. This was agreed unanimously



Update from Redrow (to include Blue Pool)


MF updated the Council about the proposed changes at the Blue Pool and the notion of having a Diving Company sited there with car parking and a restaurant on site. This would mean more control of the safety aspects of unauthorised swimming in the lake. The plans are not yet fully submitted


It was noted that one of the security cameras in Vicarage Road was poorly adjusted and a difficulty for motorists. MF stated that these would be moved shortly.




Christmas in Halling


A brief update from the Community Working Party to supplement Halling View was given, this included a request to HA for funds; a planned request to Redrow / Trenport for barriers, cherry pickers and a tele-handler to use for the Party and to erect the tree.


MF stated that the planned road closure was going to committee on Friday















HPC Procedure Management Development

The Chairman proposed that the Council adopt the following Procedures which had been previously circulated:

  • Equal Opportunities
  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Grievance and Discipline
  • Staff sickness Policy
  • Expenses Policy

It was proposed by CH and seconded by TR and voted on unanimously



HPC Procedure Manual Proposed Policies


This work was being progressed by the Personnel Working Group with the Standing Orders being looked at first





















Receipts and Payments


The Council discussed

  • receipts received since the last meeting
  • and approved for payment any invoices received since the last meeting.
  • And approved any regular payments made since the last meeting.


There had been a receipt from HMRC for VAT at £310, The reserve account stands at £41,201.27, Current account £8236.78 with cash at £57.76; A total of £49,495.81. Some Invoiced require reconciliation and follow up


Investment account – update from the Clerk – Co-op and Aldermore would not offer Parish Councils accounts or declared that their interest would not meet the fees involved. After some discussion it was agreed Kent Reliance and Nationwide be pursued and brought back to council


It was proposed by PC and seconded by GW and voted on; CH Abstained




Any Other Business (No votes may be taken)      











Restricted Items:


A vote to hold the following items in Closed Session:


It was proposed by TR and seconded by MF and voted on unanimously










Halling Fire Station


A letter was to be sent to the purchaser outlining the concerns and costs being faced by the Council as a result of the delays, offering a completion by Christmas at the latest.


It was proposed by TR and seconded by PC. This was agreed unanimously





Human Resources Update


TR outlined the useful first meeting and that there was a large work plan related to staffing and management. There will be monthly meetings. There were no recommendations to bring to Council and the group was open to questions, but there were none




Return of Skills Audit


The Clerk re-issued the skills audit and requested that these be returned



20.            Future Meetings, all at 7.30pm:

Monday 4 December 2017

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Community Centre

Monday 5 February 2018

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 13th  March 2018

Community Centre

Monday 9th April 2018

Jubilee Hall


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