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March 2017 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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 Minutes of the meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 6 March 2017 at Jubilee Hall.


Present: Chairman: Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) CH; George Wenham (Upper Ward) GW; Andy Simpson (Lower Ward) AS;  Richard Thorne (Lower Ward) RT; Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward) LH; Trevor Reynolds (Upper Ward) TR; Paul Crispe ( Lower Ward) PC; Matt Fearn (Upper Ward) MF; Assistant Clerk Trudi Smith (TS) and 8 Members of the public.


1.         Apologies for absence :   - Kelly Talbot


2.         Disclosure of any other businessNone


3.         Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial interests      None


4.         Public Questions

The following points were raised by the public:


Plough Path overgrown; Village phone boxes; Planning applications and developments; Formby Terrace; Screening around A228 Sub-station; Cemetery grass cutting and tributes disposal, Red flags on Marsh land.

Action: MF agreed investigate suitable tree planting to screen the sub-station.


5.         Reconvene meeting and minutes of Parish Council meetings

It was proposed by CH and seconded by GW, that the minutes of the previous meeting Feb 17 were adopted and accepted as a true record subject to the missing attendance apologies of Matt Fearn and the announcement of Mike Leverington’s resignation. All agreed.


6.         Matters arising from the last minutes - None


7.         Planning

RT reported on four applications received in the last month:

MC / 17 / 0607 – 45 Rochester Road – extension to existing loft conversion – No comments.


8.         Halling Fire Station

CH gave an update of the sale of the fire station. HPC have been advised by Hicks and Medway Council that the Baptist Church’s amendments to Section 106 have been submitted and they are still waiting for them to be signed off.

As the issue of the fire station has been ongoing since October 2011, it was decided to discuss the issue of property price increases at April’s meeting if we are no further forward then.


9.         Dogs in Recreation Grounds

It was stressed that dogs are NOT allowed in the recreation areas and there was a need for signs stating this.  Action: CH to chase our standing on this matter.


10.    Footpaths & The Marsh

GW gave an update on the state/wetness of the Marsh and informed the council that the trough has disappeared, hopefully by the farmer!  Discussions centred on grazing and vehicle access to the area, hedgerows, condition of the paths and adequate fencing and barrier costs and installation.

MC will be placing signs up requesting declaration of ownership of the path which runs along the A228 from Whittings Farm for confirmation of ownership.

Action: GW/and office to obtain quotes for a barrier across Marsh Road.


11.       Grazing on The Marsh

Costs of repairs and upkeep of the Marsh were discussed together with grazing tender rent and it was proposed by MF that the grazing tender be raised to at least a minimum of £1,000. Seconded by TR, all in favour, RT abstained.  It was noted that HPC are under no obligation to accept any tenders received.

Action: BS to write to farmer to inform him of the rise in grazing costs and reasons for the rise.


12./13. Receipts and payments



It was proposed by LH, seconded by GW, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed.


14.  Dates of forthcoming meetings of the Parish Council

25th March 17 at 2.00pm -Jubilee Hall – Upper Rec presentation by the Recreation Grounds Committee

11th April 17 -   Halling Community Centre

22nd April 17 -   Annual Parish meeting at Jubilee Hall


15.   Any Other Business



Meeting was closed by the Chairman at 8.35pm



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