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December 2017 Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting on 4 December 2017

Chris Herbert

Lower Ward



Matt Fearn 

Upper Ward 



George Wenham 

Upper Ward 

Estates Portfolio


Trevor Reynolds 

Upper Ward



Paul Crispe 

Lower Ward 



Richard Thorne 

Lower Ward 

Planning Portfolio


Andy Simpson

Lower Ward



Kelly Talbot

Lower Ward

Apology Accepted


Les Hitchcock 

Lower Ward 



Anita Butterfield

North Halling

From item 8


Roni Jones


In attendance


Members of the Public



PCSO Carrie Anne Boswell was in attendance at the beginning of the meeting to be available to electors in the form of a ‘surgery’



Apologies for Absence


KT had been detained at work and her apology was accepted




Disclosure of any other business






Declaration of any Pecuniary and / or Prejudicial Interests






Adjourn the meeting for Public Questions issues raised included

  • Fire Station
  • Formby Terrace
  • Bridge opening
  • Blue Lake
  • Caravan
  • Risk Assessment for the 9th December 2017 (Christmas Party)
  • HYC Application
  • Line Markings for Badminton Court
  • S136 Grants
  • Cancelled Meeting
  • Post Box at St Andrews
  • Upper Halling park refurbishment
  • Use of Fibre Optics at St Andrews



Reconvene the meeting










Minutes of Previous Parish Council meeting


The Minutes of the meeting on 14th November were accepted and with minor amendment agreed as a true record


This was Proposed by TR; Seconded by CH and was agreed


The Minutes were signed






Information arising from the minutes not on the agenda














To receive a nomination for Mrs A Butterfield to the Council


Anita has been supporting the Parish with the Christmas festivities and attended a number of meetings to date. She has been resident for more than 1 year


This was Proposed by GW; Seconded by LH and was unanimously agreed


The Declaration book was, accordingly, signed and Mrs Butterfield took her place at Council




Planning Applications since the last meeting


MC/17/3288 - A retrospective application for a Ménage – There were no grounds for the Parish to object upon


MF declared a prejudicial interest and left for this item


MC/17/4048 - 24 Parking spaces to the rear of Formby Terrace – RT noted that the egress will be close to but not on the Pelican Crossing but the Parish ought to ask for no right hand turn to be implemented


MF returned


23 Vicarage Road – Extension – no comment










A brief conversation was held with PCSO Boswell about antisocial behaviour. She recommended that each and every incident was reported at the time of occurrence, She then left the meeting


Estates Matters since the last meeting

Report by George Wenham on the Footpaths, Recreation Grounds and Marsh


Quotes were outstanding for yellow box paining on Marsh Road to prevent parking


The Marsh is vacated but remedial works need to be undertaken – a letter had been sent but it was agreed that a second letter to be sent stating that unless removed the locks would be removed by the Parish


Reports were in from Zurich Insurance on the Play areas –and the remedial actions had been undertaken as requested


Tree Stump removal – one quote for £238 was in, 2 more to be requested


Whittings Path Agreement was now in hand and it needed a clause changing about the onus of the maintenance of a fence that the farmer had required. It was not considered reasonable. Therefore matter ongoing




















HPC Working Groups Structure (Finance, Personnel, Estates, Events, Neighbourhood Plan)


This matter was not discussed









Halling Fire Station


It was reported that a letter had been sent to the Baptist Church requiring that completion was on or before the 24th December 2017.




Christmas in Halling

Update from the Community Working Party which included costs, risk assessment and a feel of the community coming together on a project


An application to film by a journalism student had been received and was viewed positively on the basis that this would be made available to HPC for the website upon completion. Proper permission from parents and participants was required and it was noted that the student was responsible for this in his proposal.




S136 Applications


LH Declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting


Halling Youth Club

A request from the self financing youth club for £200 towards running costs – further information was required and potentially a referral to HA


LH Returned


Community Rail Partnership

£100 request for support – this item was deferred


























Receipts and Payments


The Council discussed

  • receipts received since the last meeting

The finance report as presented (PDF format) was agreed.


Proposed TR, Seconded PC Unanimously agreed


LH and GW Declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting


It was agreed the increase in rent from HCC was reasonable and was agreed - £25.00 pcm


Proposed TR, Seconded PC Unanimously agreed


LH and GW Returned




Any Other Business (No votes may be taken)      


MF advised the Parish that there were some changes planned by New Venture, specifically a no parking bay (from 07.30-16.00H) outside 7 and 7 Vicarage Road. Without these changes being accepted there was a danger that this route might be withdrawn in total which would be detrimental to the village as a whole. On that basis MF indicated her had approved the application




20.            Future Meetings, all at 7.30pm:

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Community Centre

Monday 5 February 2018

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 13th  March 2018

Community Centre

Monday 9th April 2018

Jubilee Hall

Halling Parish Council Expenditure 13.11.17 to 4.12.17

Halling Parish Council Expenditure 13.11.17 to 4.12.17

No receipts

Petty Cash to be reconciled


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