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August 2017 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting on 7th August 2017


Chris Herbert

Lower Ward



Matt Fearn 

Upper Ward 



George Wenham 

Upper Ward 

Estates Portfolio


Trevor Reynolds 

Upper Ward



Paul Crispe 

Lower Ward 

Apology Accepted


Richard Thorne 

Lower Ward 

Planning Portfolio


Andy Simpson

Lower Ward



Kelly Talbot

Lower Ward

Arrived at item 4


Les Hitchcock 

Lower Ward 



Roni Jones


In attendance


Members of the Public





Apologies for Absence


The apology from PC was made in advance and accepted




Disclosure of any other business


GW had one item




Declaration of any Pecuniary and / or Prejudicial Interests


CH declared a Pecuniary Interest

AS declared a Prejudicial Interest and was absent for that matter (R1)




Adjourn the meeting for Public Questions issues raised included


  • Smells within the village
  • Rough campers
  • Road closure
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Letter of thanks
  • Accounting for the Fun Day
  • Staff changes
  • Blue Pool
  • Busses




Reconvene the meeting









Matters Arising from the Minutes of the last meeting


AS asked why his apologies had not been accepted for the last meeting, they were noted but not given in writing. AS asked that the policy be applied consistently

This was Proposed by GW; Seconded by LH and was unanimously agreed


There were no other Matters Arising






Planning Applications since the last meeting


MC17/279 – Cattery on Rochester Road. Objected.









Halling Fire Station


Medway have clarified the S106; exchange of contracts pending

CH asked that the time between Exchange and Completion be curtailed


This was Proposed by TR; Seconded by CH and was unanimously agreed

































Estates Matters since the last meeting


The Clerk spoke to this item. Outlining the very positive relationship struck with Community Payback (SEETEC) who are willing to conduct work in Halling on a regular basis for the cost of materials and a packet of biscuits per team per visit.


Discussion was held about the positive experiences to date with CP in other areas. It was noted that the area adjacent to the Play Park at Upper Halling would require fencing to make it safe whilst work was in progress


It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk should progress this matter


It was noted that a tree that recently was downed by the storm be removed by Medway. MF agreed to progress this


Bristol University for SE Water were performing an ecological study of The Marsh. They will be returning in September and GW has asked for a copy of the research report once completed.


Members were asked to be watchful for reports of Adders in this habitat since this was a protected species and attention needed to be paid


It was noted that the grass at the Marsh had been cut; and that there appeared to be damage to the ditch. Letter to be sent to Mr Lingam asking for redress


Areas adjacent to the stiles had been damaged, such that a cow might pass through to an area that was cattle restricted. It was suggested that poles be implanted to allow residents and dogs through but not cattle. To be attended to as a priority


It was noted in relation to Footpaths that Ann Marie Bain has promised the creation of an agreement on the Permissive Footpath as her workflow allows


Quotes needed to be obtained for a Stock Fence and Gate


It was noted that a third party are water testing.








































Fun Day 2017


It was reported that Halling Association had committed £2K and HPC £3K

Work was ongoing










Grant Request for Cemetery Maintenance


An application for funds was received from the Church of England for support to pay for materials used to keep the cemetery in good order. A discussion ensued and a sum of £200 proposed


This was Proposed by MF; Seconded by GW and was unanimously agreed










Grant Request for Halling Women’s Institute


An application for funds was received from Halling WI but on discussion it was considered that the specific application did not meet the criteria to enable the grant to progress.


The work of the WI in Halling was acknowledged and they were to be encouraged to apply for funds that would meet the criteria




















Banking Resolution


A resolution to amend the Bank Signatories and enable both Internet banking and a pre paid credit card for HPC was tabled. A discussion was held.


KT GW and RJ were to be added to the mandate

WS was to be removed from the mandate

Online Banking and Prepaid Credit Card applications were to be made


This was Proposed by CH; Seconded by GW and was resolved with 1 abstention









Payment of Medway Council’s 2015 invoice


A discussion about the invoices which amounted to £6862.87 was held; it was agreed to pay this amount in full


This was Proposed by TR; Seconded by LH and was unanimously agreed



16 and 17





Receipts and Payments


The invoice for the gate appeared higher than the quote (related to additional work undertaken). Staff names to be withheld in future; but in general were agreed as appropriate

This was Proposed by MF; Seconded by LH and was resolved with 1 abstention



Any other Business


GW noted that in the light of issues noted a check on access to water hydrants has been undertaken – CH and GW had checked the majority. Any with access issues to be raised with Kent Fire and Rescue




Meeting closed to the General Public










Kent Legal Services’ Invoice


Following the meeting with Invicta Law it was agreed that a settlement of 50% (£1382.10) could be agreed in payment to the invoices levied subject to vote.


This was Proposed by CH; Seconded by TR and was unanimously agreed


The cover letter to state ‘in full and final settlement’

























Medway Council Report


The matter was discussed. GW asked for a record to be made of his discontent


This was Proposed by MF; Seconded by KT

4 for; 2 against, 1 abstain


The motion to implement the report was therefore carried


It was proposed to appoint RJ as the Proper Officer of the Council with immediate effect


This was Proposed by MF; Seconded by RT

5 for; 1 against , 1 abstain


The motion was therefore carried




20.            Future Meetings, all at 7.30pm:

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Community Centre

Monday 2 October 2017

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Community Centre

Monday 4 December 2017

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Community Centre

Monday 5 February 2018

Jubilee Hall

Tuesday 13th  March 2018

Community Centre

Monday 9th April 2018

Jubilee Hall


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