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April 2017 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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 Minutes of the meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 11 April 2017 at the Community Centre.


Present: Chairman: Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) CH; George Wenham (Upper Ward) GW; Andy Simpson (Lower Ward) AS;  Richard Thorne (Lower Ward) RT; Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward) LH; Trevor Reynolds (Upper Ward) TR; Paul Crispe ( Lower Ward) PC; Matt Fearn (Upper Ward) MF;  Kelly Talbot (Lower Ward)

Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) and 13 Members of the public.


1.         Apologies for absence :  - none as all in attendance


2.         Disclosure of any other businessRT one item.


3.         Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial interests      None


4.         Public Questions

The following points were raised by the public:

Poor timing of the Toucan Crossing: Road works on The Street: Overhanging shrubs on Plough path: Trespassers by Blue Lake: Access to Lower rec by Fire Station: Play areas inspector needed:

Shelter in lower rec: State of Essex Road: Screening at St Andrews Park: Meeting with Redrow: Broadband speed in St Andrews park: 40 mph signs on A228: Dogs in recs:


5.         Reconvene meeting and minutes of Parish Council meetings

It was proposed by LH and seconded by TR, that the minutes of the meeting on 9th March were a true record.  All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.


6.         Matters arising from the last minutes - None


7.         Planning

RT reported on one application received in the last month:

MC / 17 / 0837 – 24 Rochester Road – extension for Granny annexe –  No comment.


8          Item 8 Training of Councillors

This was adjourned to item 14.


9.         Halling Fire Station

CH stated that Medway Council had still not approved the applications by Halling Baptist Church.

The sale was approved by HPC on 9th March 2016 so a year has gone past with no progress.  The income from Costain Ltd for the use of the rear car park has helped towards the cost of maintenance and rates.  CH proposed that HPC writes to the Baptist Church saying that it has been extremely patient and still stands by its decision to sell to them but would like them to contribute towards the rates bill with effect from 1st April 2017 until the sale is complete.  This was seconded by TR and agreed unanimously.


10.   Recreation Grounds

GW said that quotes are being obtained for tree removal work on the Upper rec and he would report back on this. The youth shelter in the Lower rec is in very poor condition and he proposed, seconded by  RT that it be removed.  7 agreed with one against and one abstaining.  Maria Cook will make the necessary arrangements. It was agreed to write to Tesco thanking them for their donation towards the gym equipment in the Lower rec which is being installed now.


11.       Grazing on The Marsh

GW reported that the drainage ditch has been cleared and this has led to the marsh draining properly again. The Clerk is to remind Southern Water of their responsibility for the sink hole.  2 quotes have been received for a new swing barrier at the top of Marsh Road but a 3rd is still awaited – GW will report back on this.


12.  To receive tenders for grazing on Halling March for the 2017 season

Two tenders have been received both for £1000.  AS felt that HPC should favour the local farmer but GW thought that the other person tendering would carry out more work as per his letter.  After more discussion it was proposed by CH, seconded by TR, that the Tender from Andrew Lingham be accepted.  6 were in favour with 3 against.


13.  Report by Chairman on meeting with Tarmac UK

This was attended by CH and TR.  It was to advise HPC on Tarmac UK’s plans to use their land holdings in Halling.  They wish to erect 124 houses to the left of the access road to Peters Bridge. This is in spite of their predecessors who built Low Meadow over 2 football pitches promising to provide replacement pitches on the land upon which they now want 124 houses.  Tarmac UK’s representative also mentioned building houses on their land in Upper Halling but nothing concrete has yet been decided.  HPC will keep the public informed about what it learns in the future.


14.  To consider the renewal of the membership of KALC for 2017/8

It was proposed by RT, seconded by PC, that HPC gets a quotation from Medway Council regarding this in order to ascertain that it is getting value fo money.  8 were in favour with 1 against.


15.  Community Award Scheme

AS said that Phil Tomlins has been given this award and that KALC will be sending it in time for the Annual Parish Meeting on 22nd April.  Could HPC present glassware at the same time to commemorate this.  It was agreed that up to £50 could be spent on this.


16    Printing of Halling View

CH proposed that HPCshould see it in action before actually purchasing it at a net cost of £599.  This was seconded by TR and all agreed. 


17.    Request from Friends of Halling School towards upgrade of Santa’s sleigh

It was agreed to forward this on to the Halling Association.


18.   To discuss the invoice received from Medway Council for the elections in May 2015

RT proposed that HPC write to Medway Council to find out their justification for this in view of the General Election and Medway Council elections being on the same day in the same premises.


19 and 20 Receipts and Payments

















































Renewal of subs



Clive Stanley




Web fees for February



Lorraine Murphy




Work on recs



Lorraine Murphy




Work on rec and delivery of HV







Phone and broadband



Southern Electric







Lorraine Murphy




Work on recs



Total Property




Repairs to gate



Lorraine Murphy




Work on recs



Tom Bailey




Work on Upper rec












































It was proposed by GW, seconded by KT, that the above payments be ratified.


21.  Dates of forthcoming meetings of the Parish Council

Annual Parish Meeting on 22nd April at the Jubilee Hall at 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on 9th May 2017 at the Community Centre at 7.30 pm.


22.  Any Other Business

RT mentioned that trees have been cut down to the left of the Warren Path.


The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.


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