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2017 Annual Parish Meeting Minutes
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The Chairman of Halling Parish Council, Chris Herbert, welcomed everybody to the Annual Parish Meeting of Halling Parish Council for 2017.

In attendance Chairman Chris Herbert – Lower ward; Richard Thorne – Lower ward; Trevor Reynolds – Upper ward; Paul Crispe – Lower ward; Les Hitchcock – Lower ward; George Wenham – Upper ward and Andy Simpson – Lower ward Bill Swan Parish Clerk and 44 members of the public.

1. Apologies for absence Matt Fearn and Kelly Talbot
2. To receive minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting.
It was proposed by Richard Thorne, seconded by Trevor Reynolds, that the minutes of the last meeting were a true record and all agreed.
3. Chairman’s report
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Halling Village Annual Parish Meeting.
This is not to be confused with the Annual Parish Council Meeting but an OPEN meeting of the Parish. The Parish Council traditionally facilitates the meeting and creates a running order to include current matters known to be of interest to the community. However, any relevant matters can be raised for discussion at the meeting by any member of the Parish.

We have today decided to make this meeting a little less formal and made the individuals and groups attending open for discussion around the hall.

Once we have finished with the formalities, which I will keep as brief as possible, I invite you to wander around and speak to the Parish Council Members and other representatives about any matter relating to our village which concerns you.

You will be able to recognise the Parish Councillors, they are wearing a name tag. However let me introduce them to you now:

During the last year since April 2016 the Parish Council has seen some quite important events.

July 2016 saw the grand opening by the Mayor of Medway of the refurbished recreation area in the Lower Rec.
December 2016 saw the Christmas festivities including the tree, the Father Xmas Grotto which turned out to be much more of a success than we hoped for and then, thanks to the Halling Primary School Parents assoc, the Father Xmas sleigh run.
April 2017 the final touches have been made to the Lower rec with the addition of Exercise Equipment thanks to a grant of £8000 from the Tesco Bags of Help fund.

For the future the Parish Council has plans to upgrade the recreation Ground in Upper Halling to the same high standard as in Lower Halling. We have already started work on this and held a consultation on the 26th March but very few people turned up.

We also have plans to upgrade Halling Marsh and make it more accessible for everyone, with new fencing paths, benches and possibly bird watching hides.

HPC is hoping to be able to hold some open events in the coming year, suggestions are a Funday in the summer and a Fireworks Display in November, then there is the Father Xmas Grotto – I have received so many requests for us to do it again.

One thing that I have not mentioned is the sale of the Fire Station which for several reasons has not been completed yet. The completion of this sale is critical to the progress of works in Upper Halling Rec and on the Marsh and we sincerely hope that it will occur in the very near future.

The successes we have had in the lower Rec and on the marsh are largely the result of hard work by a number of people who work in the background with little or no public awareness.

Lets change this and thank these individuals for all their hard work.

Maria Cook and the members of the Recreations Grounds Working Party George Wenham and Les Hitchcock

Barry Barnes and his secretive band for their work on the footpaths especially on the marsh and also towards the opening of a permissive path west of the A228 towards Wittings Farm

All the members of the public that put themselves out to help other village residents

And finally, the WI who are providing refreshments this afternoon.

On that note I will close and thank you all for attending today we have just a couple of formalities to complete and the floor with then be open.

4. Precept for 2017/18
The Chairman said the HPC pegged the precept at the same level as last year namely £51,500. The contribution by Halling residents is 7% lower than last year as there are now more properties in Halling that it is spread over.



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