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May 2016 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 25th May 2016 at the Community Centre


May 16/01

Present:  Chair George Wenham (Lower Ward) – GW; Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) CH; Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward) LH;  Trevor Reynolds (Upper Ward) TR; Matt Fearn (Upper Ward) MF; Michael Leverington (North Ward) ML;  June Doohan (Lower Ward) JD; Richard Thorne (Lower Ward) RT; and Andy Simpson (Lower Ward) AS.

Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) and 12 members of the public.


1.      To elect the Chair for the forthcoming year.

The retiring Chairman, George Wenham opened the meeting and announced that he would not be standing for the coming year.  He thanked Councillors for their support, in which has been a difficult year and thanked the office staff for all their work and support.

He asked for nominations and Les Hitchcock and Michael Leverington put their names forward.  After a secret vote, Les Hitchcock was elected as Chairman and signed the declaration book under item 2.


3.      Apologies for absence – None as all present.


4.      Disclosure of Any Other Business – Clerk – 1 item – date of next meeting.


5.      Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial interests - none


6.      Public Questions

The following points were raised by the public:

Why change Halling View;  Upper Halling Surgery – what has happened to it?; Damaged seat in Vicarage Road; Grass in cemetery; Old phone box in High Street; Fracking in area; Boot fairs;


7.         Reconvene meeting and minutes of Parish Council meetings.

It was proposed by RT, seconded by GW, that the minutes of the April were a true record.  All agreed and The Chairman duly signed them.


8.         Matters arising from the minutes – none


9.         To elect Vice-Chair and Committee portfolio holders.

Chris Herbert volunteered to act as Vice-Chair and Chairman of Finance, GW volunteered for Estates Chairman including footpaths and marsh, and RT volunteered as Chairman of Planning Committee.  There being no other nominations for these posts the above were duly selected.


10.       To appoint Members of Committees and representatives to other bodies.

This was held over until the next meeting.


11.       To discuss the tenders received for Halling Marsh Grazing and to decide accordingly

Only one tender was received that was from Andrew Lingham for £400.  RT asked why was tender not increased to cover the cost of fencing. It was proposed by RT seconded by KT, that Andrew Lingham should be asked to repair the fence and gate at his own cost and to the Parish Council’s satisfaction before any cattle could be put on the marsh. All agreed.


12.       Annual Parish Meeting – the Clerk reported that it was disappointing as only about 20 people from the Village attended in spite of a the newsletter sent out to all houses.  A lot of work went into this event.


13.       Halling View and Newsletter

When asked by GW why it was necessary to change the magazine, TR said he was happy to stand by his proposal.  RT proposed that the newsletter be monthly. AS asked if there will be enough news to sustain it every month.  TR agreed to report back on Halling View next month after discussion.


14.       Queen’s Official Birthday

RT said that this has been put on the back burner.  GW suggested that the opening of the new play equipment at the end of July/beginning of August could include an event in the Lower Rec. It was proposed by ML, seconded by GW that HPC has a combined celebration day when the play equipment is opened.  All agreed.


15.       Boot fairs

AS withdraw this item in view of the work that will be going on in the rec.


16.       Standing Orders

ML considers that the existing Standing Orders are out of date,  His proposal was seconded by KT and all agreed.  No date was set for any meeting.


17.       Face Book.

ML stated that any Face book page should be carefully administered  by HPC and musrt be strictly controlled by a moderator.   He will look into this and will prepare a presentation.


18.       Planning.

RT proposed that HPC should object to the application for 18 High Street on the grounds of overdevelopment and the impact on parking and the street scene. This was seconded by CH and all agreed.   As regards the application for 15c Foxglove Row (rear conservatory) there was no objection.


19.       Halling Fire Station – update on sale.

CH said that Halling Baptist Church will be submitting planning applications for the old church and change of use on the fire station.   RT thought that Hicks and co might have a conflict of interest as they are representing both sides.  HPC to keep aware of the situation.


20.       Recreation Grounds

Maria Cook this is only Phase 1, phase 2 will be the gym equipment and phase 3 the Upper rec.  It was proposed by RT, seconded by ML that there be a closed session at the end of the meeting in view of the commercially sensitive nature of the tenders.  All agreed.


21.       Traffic

The Clerk said that our previous contact at Medway Council,. Phil Moore, has retired and his successor is Simon Swift.  He will arrange a meeting as soon as possible


22.     Marsh and footpaths

The Clerk read out Barry Barnes’ report including the RS201 diversion.  Redrow are carrying out structural improvements to the east bank of the Blue Lake and  an access path to the original line of the RS201 from a new roundabout on the estate should be completed by early 2017.  Medway Council are drawing up an agreement between HPC, Medway Council and the landowner,  Tarmac (formerly Lafarge ) for the permissive path from Whittings farm parallel to the A228. 
Walkers should take care on part of the RS320 are cattle are on the Wildfowlers’ land.  Medway Council have said that a volunteer group will attend to the repairs to the vandalised gate and will help with repairs to a hand rail, steps and an uneven path but this will mean a short delay but a cost saving to HPC.  Grass is growing profusely at the sides of some of the footpaths on Halling Common and the RS320 where it goes through Wildfowlers’ land and Barry Barnes will be asking for volunteers for help with the cutting.


23.     Request for dog bins on the Marsh

It is considered that the best places for these to be placed are 1 the Lower marsh by the gate, 2 the middle of the marsh and 3 the entrance by Maximilian Drive.  MF will arrange for this to be installed.


24/25 Receipts and payments












Budget Head







Slimming World

Advert in Halling View








Berverly Rousseau

Advert in Halling View








Total Property

Advert in Halling View

















Halling Baptist Church









Medway Council









Medway Council

Rate equalisation grant








Medway Council

Rural Liaison Grant































Needing ratification




























Ink and consumables








Clive Stanley

Web fees for March 2015








Tom Bailey

Work on recs.








Total Property

Dehumidifier hire








Southern Electric

Supply at Fire Station








Ben Cook

Work on recs.

























It was proposed by TR, seconded by LH that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed.


26        Any Other Business

The Clerk said that a extraordinary meeting should be held to approve the accounts for 2015/16 by 30th May 2106.


Closed item 20

The Parish Councillors examined the three tenders submitted and a majority concluded that the best one was that from HAGS/SMP.  HPC will be using a local contractor to remove the old equipment and the saving will allow HAGS/SMP to provide a trampoline.


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