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June 2016 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 14th June 2016 at the Community Centre


JUNE 16/01


Chairman: Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward)         June Doohan (Lower Ward)                Andy Simpson (Lower Ward)

ViceChair : Chris Herbert (Lower Ward)         George Wenham (Upper Ward)        Matt Fearn (Upper Ward)

Richard Thorne (Lower Ward)                         Trudi Smith (Assist Clerk)                     10 Members of the public


1.           Apologies for absence :    Trevor Reynolds (Upper Ward)  :  Kelly Talbot (Lower Ward)


2.           Disclosure of any other business :     RT – 2 items    :    LH – 1 item  


3.           Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial interests      None


4.           Public Questions

The following points were raised by the public:

Halling View, work load increase to office and financial implications (As per draft minutes May)

Upper Halling Surgery – when is the next one?  (MF to look into this)

Vicarage Road seat repair – thanks given (Medway Council repaired it to their specification)

Is the cemetery open to burials (yes) State of repair (Has been chased up)

Number of houses being built (MF replied – field next to Redrow nothing been confirmed.  This area is labelled as community land and would need a change of use and Parish Council would object to plans.

Request for feedback from Councillors to parishioners questions and Halling View Comments / complaints.

Vans not allowed to park in St Andrew’s are now being parked in Kent Road (Not a lot HPC or Medway Council can do - MF)

Have NuVenture discontinued their buses in Upper Halling, Permanent or Temporary? (Not financially viable for them to run more frequently than a 2 0020hourly service – MF)

Pot holes, road in poor state, in Bar Meadow (Possible Adopted Road – MF to check and look at possibility of using Type 1)

What does the Parish Council Handyman do? Lower Rec is in a bad state (RT informed those present that Mr Cook has recently had a major operation)


5.           Reconvene meeting and minutes of Parish Council meetings

It was proposed by RT and seconded by CH that the minutes of May 16 were a true record.  All agreed and Chairman duly signed them.


6.           Matters arising from the last minutes

GW – update on Marsh fencing and no money received yet from Tender / the drainage ditch which has recently been dug out has been refilled with concrete which causes problems to essential drainage on the Marsh.  Suggestion made of erecting a fence in the area but this had already been voted on previously.


7.           To appoint members of committees and representatives to other bodies

It was agreed to postpone this item until next meeting when all members were present.


8.           Marsh and Footpaths

Some of the village dog poo & litter bins have been moved by MC but bags are still being thrown into hedges.   (LH & MF to contact MC to discuss moving the bins to more suitable areas and the possibility of adding more).

9.           Recreation Grounds

GW inspected the upper rec with Mr Tom Bailey. Overhanging branches still need cutting back and branches already stacked to be removed.   GW suggested another full site survey be done by a professional and AS volunteered to make enquiries with his contact who does this work for Tonbridge and Malling CC.


10.         Planning  RT reported on the current planning applications.

MC/16/2136 - 68 Rochester Road (HPC - no objection)

MC/16/2298 - Elmhaven Marina (No comment – to let local residents and Medway Council decide)

MC/16/2408 -22 Meadow Crescent (No objection)

MC /16/1303 -18 High Street (Planning refused by Medway Council)


11.         Halling Fire station

Pastor Kevin Felix-Hollington was invited to comment.  The Baptist Church has instructed a solicitor and architect.  Applications will be put forward to MC next week for the fire station’s change of use to a chapel and the existing chapel to change of use to housing.


12.         New Play Equipment in the Lower Rec

Maria Cook was invited to report.

Art work on the youth shelter is being painted on next week but youths have already removed the signage, drawn over shelter and left smashed bottles around the area.  It was emphasised that a small minority of youths are destroying what is for them but parents should make themselves more aware of what their children are up to at night and teach respect.

The pathway will take 3 days to complete and the build of the new play equipment should start mid/end July.

MC contractors Norse have only cut the grass in the playing field and not where the current play area is. (Office to chase up)


13.         Halling View  

The June issue was printed on the new printer in the office which saved money in outsourced printing costs and Trudi owned up to breaking the staplers hence why this edition was not stapled!


14.         Accounts

No receipts and payments had been submitted for this meeting due to the Clerk’s absence but a special meeting will be arranged before the end of June to vote on the end of year audited accounts.


15.         A.O.B.

RT – can there be more litter bins in Howlsmere Close and the river walk. (MF to enquire at MC)

Grass on the river walk and along Howlsmere has not been cut.  It was also highlighted that the grass on the verges on the A228 coming into Halling and at the MHS flats have not been cut.  These areas are also covered by Medway Council contractors Norse and MF will inform MC that Norse appear not be fulfilling their contract.


LH – Les Hitchcock and Trudi spent the day at Chartwell House having been invited by The Royal British Legion for all the work they put into the Poppy Appeal each year.  They discussed the possibility of holding a competition in October with the school and the prize offered being a tour of the Royal British Legion facility in Aylesford, the members of which said they were happy for this to be repeated each year.


Meeting finished at 8.45pm               Next Meeting scheduled for 12th July at the Community Centre



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