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July 2016 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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JULY 16/01

Minutes of the meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 12th July 2016 at the Community Centre


Present: Vice-Chairman: Chris Herbert (Lower Ward)  CH; June Doohan (Lower Ward) JD;

Andy Simpson (Lower Ward) AS;  Matt Fearn (Upper Ward) MF; Richard Thorne (Lower Ward)

Michael Leverington (North Ward) ML; Trevor Reynolds (Upper Ward) TR and Kelly Talbot (Lower Ward) KT.   Two Guests; Darren  Banks (Redrow) and Dave Dodd (Medway Council)

45  Members of the public


1.         Apologies for absence :   George Wenham (Lower Ward) and Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward)


2.         Disclosure of any other business :    ML – 3 items 


3.         Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial interests      None


4.         Public Questions

The following points were raised by the public:

How many times have Redrow changed the plans for St Andrews Park

Why weren’t HPC consulted on Toucan Crossing.

Will there be a reduction in the speed limit to 30 mph.

What is being done about the rat run through the village.

Have Redrow reneged on the size of the footbridge

Will HPC call an extra meeting re A228

When will RS201 be reinstated

Will Redrow pay for damage to cars caused as a result of road works.

Pedestrian refuge on a228 at Bridge roundabout.

Crossing for Rochester Road, North Halling.

Speed control for North Halling

Dog bin placements

Why no Funday this year.


7.      Report on proposed road works at St Andrews Park and result of newsletter

The meeting was attended by Darren Banks of Redrow and David Dodd from Medway Council.

They explained the situation regarding the provision of the Toucan Crossing during the forthcoming road works and confirmed that the footbridge as agreed under the Section 106 agreement will be provided but in a less wide form and it is hoped that this will be in position by January 2017.  David Dodd said that if the Toucan crossing causes traffic problems, then its installation would be reviewed and it could be removed  but he felt that this would not be necessary as they had taken into account traffic flows and the timing of the lights.  The RS201 will be open in January 2017 – delays have been caused by the underground pipeline.

HPC feels that the customer relations of both Redrow and Medway Council leave a lot to be desired.

ML asked if Medway Council could do anything about the problems in Halling in the next 12 weeks – David Dodd – this is a matter for Traffic Management as is any permanent improvement to traffic flows in the Village as a whole.


5.         Reconvene meeting and minutes of Parish Council meetings

It was proposed by RT and seconded by AS that the minutes of the June 2016 meeting were a true record. All agreed and Chairman duly signed them.


6.         Matters arising from the last minutes – none


8.         To appoint members of committees and representatives to other bodies

It was agreed to postpone this item until the next meeting.


9.         Marsh and Footpaths

Barry Barnes, the volunteer footpaths officer reported in George Wenham’s absence.

3 Parish Councillors met up with Andrew Lingham on the marsh and resolved the remaining issues on the grazing rights.  The sinkhole in the NW corner seems to have been caused by a natural drainage ditch being blocked by concrete to allow cattle to cross.  Southern Water need to install a deeper drainage ditch to stop the flooding in this area.  The Clerk is to contact them.

Barry Barnes thanked John Martin for his help in clearing the footpaths.   Also he thanked Medway Council’s rural footpath team for their help in rehanging gates and  attending to steps and handrails.


10.       Planning

RT reported on two applications which have been received.

153 High St, Lower Halling – a single storey rear extension and dormer and skylights.  This does not over look any other houses and HPC has no objection.

39 The Street, Upper Halling – single storey rear extension – no objection.


11.    To confirm dates and venues of meetings for next year.

In view of the differing commitments of Members, it was decided to leave it to the Clerk to come up with something that can be agreed.


12.       Update of Fire Station

CH gave details of the planning application for the change of use.  Pastor Kevin said that the application for the 2 houses on the Chapel site is in hand and his Solicitors are on standby to move on this.


13.       Update on play equipment by Maria Cook.  

Maria reported that the new repainted shelter has been scratched and that drug paraphernalia had been found in it.  This has been reported to the police.  Amey has done the new path as a voluntary exercise and the new equipment is being installed and hopefully will he ready  by the end of the month.  It was agreed that its official name will be the QE2 play area and the grand opening will be on 13th August.  MF is hoping to get the Mayor along to officiate if possible.

It was proposed by CH, seconded by KT, that HPC allow expenditure up to £1,000 from its events budget.  All agreed.


14.       Request for the location of dog bins and the need for new ones.

MF said that Medway Council has agreed to put in additional bins but want to know exactly where.  KT being a dog walker will contact the office with ideas.


15.       Football in Upper recreation ground

MF said that Halling FC have asked if they can play pre-season friendlies there.

TR proposed that in view of previous problems HPC refuse permission albeit reluctantly.

This was senconded by ML and all agreed apart from 2 abstentions.


16.       Use by Cuxton FC

MF said that they will not be using it this season.


17.      Halling Minors FC

MF said that Tom Stone has set up 4 teams this year and they need financial help.

MF suggested that HPC sets up a meeting with them to look into this matter.


18.     Cemetery – to discuss support by Halling Parish Council including release of funding for maintenance

MF said that the Church had been very badly let down by the Community pay back team.   He has met with Roger Knight and Medway Norse about getting them to quote.  One has just been received from Medway Norse for £1914 to cut the cemetery.  RT said that HPC should try to get alternative quotes.  ML proposed, seconded by TR, that Roger Knight be asked to get 3 quotes and then come back to HPC for consideration up to £600.  All agreed.


19 and 20 Receipts and payments

It was proposed by KT, seconded by TR, that the payments be ratified.  All agreed.


21.  Any Other Business

AS said that the trees down the side of Walnut Tree are over grown – the Clerk said that this is MHS property and he will contact them.

ML said he would delay his presentation on Facebook until the next meeting.

There is a petition from residents in Upper Halling about the changes to the bus service which will be sent to Medway Council.


Closed meeting  

ML said that he had been advised that the sanction taken against the Clerk arising out of Kent Legal Services was invalid as the Standards Committee had not acted properly.  He proposed that the sanction be withdrawn but nobody seconded it.


The meeting closed at 9.45



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