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22 July 2016 Parish Council Extra-ordinary Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of an extra-ordinary meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 22nd July 2016
at the Jubilee Hall


EX JULY 16/01


Chris Herbert (Lower Ward)                    Michael Leverington (North Ward)

June Doohan (Lower Ward)                     George Wenham (Upper Ward)

Kelly Talbot (Lower Ward)                      Richard Thorne (Lower Ward)

Trevor Reynolds (Upper Ward)                Andy Simpson ((Lower Ward)

Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward)                   5 Members of the public



1.         Apologies for absence  :  Matt Fearn


2.         Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or Prejudicial interests   :   None


3.         To choose a new Chairman as a result of Cllr Les Hitchcock standing down

Cllr Chris Herbert was proposed by George Wenham, Seconded by Mike Leverington and all voted in favour of him becoming Chairman for HPC.  Chris Herbert accepted office and signed the register.


4.         Update on proposed road works and Toucan Crossing at St Andrew’s Park

Cllr Chris Herbert and Cllr Michael Leverington gave a summary of their meeting with Matt Fearn at Medway Council.  In attendance were Dave Harris, Head of Planning, Jill King, Manager of Section 106 Monies and Michael Edwards Manager of Integrated Transport Team.


The meeting started with it being noted that Medway Council had not consulted with HPC over the road works and planned changes to the footbridge at St Andrew’s Park and Medway Council apologised.


HPC highlighted the problems and knock-on affects the planned toucan crossing and road works would have on Upper and Lower Halling.  They requested Medway Council put up signage to dissuade people using the village as a rat-run.  Medway agreed to come back with some suggestions by close Friday 22 July – none were received.


The bridge is going down from a 3M to a 2M width which will still allow pushchairs and cycles to use it and again, MC apologised to HPC for not informing them of the changes.


The toucan crossing will be installed 75 yards from the roundabout.


The question was raised as to why the bridge had not been built after the first 100 houses were occupied as in original agreement and why MC had not stopped further building. MC stated that this would have impacted jobs and providing the houses which are desperately needed in Medway.  HPC pointed out that the social housing had already been occupied!  The summary of villagers complaints were handed to MC. 


Discussions continued on any possibility of temporary measures to alleviate the congestion and rat runs, for example road signage.  MC said again they would contact their traffic department and get back to HPC by close of 22 July.  This has also not been done.


Chris Herbert opened the floor to members of the public and invited Mr Mike Church to speak as he had offered his services to HPC due to his vast experience in traffic management.

The main issue highlighted was the sheer volume of traffic using the A228.

Main areas of concern for queues, driving on the pavement, discourteous driving and speeding were in High Street, Kent Road and Pilgrims Road.


Problems were highlighted and suggestions raised such as traffic calming measures, give way islands, parking issues, one way traffic, speed limits and the law enforcement of any measures implemented.


Cllr Herbert proposed HPC write officially to Medway Council and complain bitterly that HPC were ignored and point out our village is slowly being destroyed and that something should be done about it.  He also suggested involving the media as a story for public interest if Medway Council do not respond accordingly. The motion was seconded by Cllr Reynolds and all in favour.  Cllr Trevor Reynolds agreed to write the official complaint.


Cllr Simpson suggested contacting the Rural Liaison Committee to see what successes other villages have had with similar problems.


All those present were reminded that Medway Council has said they would do a survey on the toucan crossing once it was installed to monitor the flow of traffic and its affects.


The meeting closed at 8pm.




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