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January 2016 Parish Council Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of the Finance Committee of Halling Parish Council held on 6th January 2016 at the Jubilee Hall

Present:  Chair Mark Joy (North Ward) MJ; Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) CH; Michael Chattington (North Ward) and George Wenham (Lower Ward) – ex officio  


Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) and 1 member of the public.


1. Apologies for absence.

Kelly Talbot and Trevor Reynolds – reasons accepted.

2. Elect vice chair of committee.
CH was nominated by MC and seconded by MJ. There being no other nominations CH duly accepted the position.

3. Agree terms of reference for approval at full council meeting.
It was agreed that the figure of £500 in 2.2 of delegated powers be increased to £750.

4. Review Financial regulations and agree amendments (if any) for approval at full council meeting.

The following amendments were agreed:
2.2 under Annual Estimates – amend from third Monday in January to second Monday in February at the latest.
3.4 under budgetary control be increased to £500 from £200.
5.2 under Banking Arrangements and cheques – add “excluding anything that falls under 6.4”
5.3 - to ask Councillors if they would be prepared to be added to the list of signatories on the Council’s bank account.
6.3 under Payment of accounts – leave out the wording “at the next available Council meeting”
new paragraph 6.4 to read “The Clerk shall be empowered to pay those invoices in accordance with pre-agreed contractual amounts and where the good/services have been supplied in full to the Council. The Clerk will include these payments in the schedule given to the next Council meeting.

5. Review Standing Orders with regards to financial matters and agree amendments (if any) for approval at full council meeting.

15.to leave the sum for tenders at £5000.
5.xvii to add the words “per item”

6. Agree deadline for budget requests by relevant committees/portfolio holders for approval at full council meeting.
31st January for a Finance Committee budget meeting on 3rd February at the Jubilee Hall.

7. Agree next meeting date for finance committee.
See 6 above.

The meeting closed at 8.25 pm.



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