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November 2015 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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DRAFT Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 10th November 2015 at the Jubilee Hall

Present:  Chair George Wenham (Upper Ward) GW; Vice-Chair Mark Joy (North Ward) MJ; Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) CH; Bob Morton (Lower Ward) BM;  Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward) LH; Matt Fearn (Upper Ward) MF; Richard Thorne (Lower Ward) RT; Kelly Talbot (Lower Ward) KT; Andy Simpson (Lower Ward) AS and Michael Chattington (North Ward ) MC


Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) and 9 members of the public.


1.           Apologies for absence

Trevor Reynolds – reason accepted.


2.           Disclosure of any other Business

              MF – 1 item – informal gatherings; KT – 1 item – speeding; AS – 1 item – Funday; MJ – 1 item – confidential matter; CH – 2 items – mobiles during meetings; LH – 1item – youth club; WS – 2 items – notice board locks, poppy display at school;


3.           Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests - none


4.           Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

Among the points raised were the following:

Road works and buses in Upper Halling; Councillors speaking up; Rememembrance Sunday; Working group for recs; Trees by bus stop in Browndens Road.


5.         Reconvene meeting and approve minutes of 14th October meeting.

It was proposed by MJ, seconded by CH, that items 19 and 20 of the current Agenda be held in private.  All agreed.  CH raised a point of order namely that MF has a relative involved in the Baptist Church and should have declared an interest.  MF said that he didn’t think he had a prejudicial interest.  MF said that he and MC had voted against the proposal in item 27 not as shown in the minutes as abstentions.  After a vote it was agreed that the minutes be changed to record this.


6.         Matters arising from the minutes  -

              MJ – item 4 – he has been informed that the new PCSO Donna Shah is leaving Kent Police – so we are back down to 1 PCSO


7.           Footpaths and Marsh

The Clerk read out the report by Barry Barnes, the footpaths officer. 

              The cattle have now been moved off the Parish Council’s land but the area has been left in a very poor state with churned up footpaths.  Perhaps HPC should give though to having the cattle graze only on the North side of the marsh. The lifting bars on the stiles have been vandalised again.  

              GW said that he and LH did an inspection of the marsh and found fences leaning over where they had been pushed by cattle and barbed wire on tops of gates.  KT said that she thought it is good to have cattle on the marsh.  MJ echoed this sentiment. RT asked GW what he was proposing to do about it and GW suggested that HPC meet on the marsh to see exactly what the problems are.


8            Planning

              MF said that three applications had been received – MC/15/3600 - 33 Browndens Road – two storey side extension.  MC/15/3714 40 Low Meadow – side and rear extensions.  MC/15/3840 – 23 Scholey Close – side extension.

The Parish Council had no comments on these.


9.           Halling Cemetery

            MF moved that HPC contribute £600 to be paid direct to the approved contractors for grass cutting 3 times a year. This was seconded by MJ and 9 voted for with 1 abstention. AS asked what had happened to the football club mowing it – MJ said this was in abeyance for the time being.


 10.      Lower Recreation Ground

The Chair and Vice-Chair having agreed, under standing orders,  to her speaking, Maria Cook said that Tesco are supporting green space areas from the 5p bag tax and that HPC should apply for a grant for projects like the play areas.


11.       Halling in Bloom

Richard Thorne had no figures available so it was agreed to defer this to the January 2016 meeting.


12          Seal naming competition

              The Clerk reported that the photographer Ken Brown, will be going to the school on 18th November to present the winners with their prizes.

14.         Redrow football pitches

              MC said that Tom Stone from the village coaches youngsters and thinks it is a good idea to involve him in a group of volunteers.  This was seconded by KT and 9 voted for with 1 abstention.

15.      Receipts - none          

16.         Payments.



Budget Head























Needing ratification


















Ben Cook

Work on recs.








Total Property

Work on Recs/Fstn








Clive Stanley

Web fees for Sept 2015








Open Spaces Society

Annual subs








Total Property

Work on FS








S E Water

Fire station








Total Property

Weed treatment Forge grn

































It was proposed by MJ, seconded by GW, that the above payments be ratified.  All agreed


17          Dates of forthcoming meetings of the Parish Council

              13th January 2016 at the Community Centre at 7.30 pm.

18          Any other business

MF brought up the question of informal meetings.  CH said that effectively a vote took place on email about the parking of units at the rear of the fire station when the term quorum was mentioned.  This should not have happened as no decisions must take place in private.  He is all for informal meetings but the rules must be adhered to.  GW suggested that as the marsh is a topical matter, the first informal meeting should take place there on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  

KT raised the question of speeding in the village as she felt it is only a matter of time before some one is killed or seriously injured. RT said that this has been discussed many times over the years and we had had visits by officers from Medway Council. MJ said that 3 surveys has shown no excessive speed and only 1 car had been regularly breaking the speed limit.  MJ suggested that HPC invite Medway Council back to a meeting.  

AS asked the Clerk for details of any payment made to the Youth Club from the Funday this year.

The Clerk mentioned that the poppy display is being presented to the school at tomorrow’s assembly.

He also said that the locks in the notice boards were unreliable and probably need renewing.  RT offered to source these if the Clerk let him have details.

The Clerk left the meeting.

Closed Session

MJ wished to update the meeting on the sanction given to the Clerk

The Clerk re-entered the meeting.

Item 19

MJ proposed that in view of the comments in item 5 the item be deferred to a Finance Committee in early December to allow MF to find out his position as regards DPIs. This was seconded by RT and all agreed.

The meeting finished at 9.25 pm.



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