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May 2015 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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MINUTES of Halling Parish Council held on 13th May 2015 at the Community Centre  


Present:  Chair Sally Brady (North Ward)(SB);  Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) (CH); Bob Morton (Lower Ward)(BM); George Wenham (Upper Ward)(GW); Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward) (LH);  Andy Simpson (Lower Ward) (AS); Matt Fearn (Upper Ward)(MF); Jenny Robinson (Lower Ward)(JR); Trevor Reynolds ( Upper Ward) (TR) and Mark Joy (North Ward) (MJ)


Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) and 22 members of the public. 


1.              To elect the Chair for the ensuing year.

The outgoing Chair, Sally Brady asked for any nominations for the position of Chair as she was standing down and explained her reasons for doing so.  Bob Morton  nominated  George Wenham  and this was seconded by Les Hitchcock  There being no other nominations , GW was appointed as Chair and signed the declaration book accordingly.


2.              Signing of the Declaration Book

All Councillors present signed the book which had been previously signed by Richard Thorne (Lower Ward).


3.              Apologies for absence

Richard Thorne – reason accepted.


4.              Disclosure of any other Business

The Clerk – Code of Conduct and Register of Interest forms and Halling View.


5.              Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests -  none


6.              Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

The  Chair adjourned the meeting and invited questions from the public present.  Mark Johnson – the Principal Engineer (parking) from Medway Council and a colleague gave an update on the parking problems in the Village and answered many questions from residents.

                  Other points raised by residents were:

                  The number of Parishes that Councillors can serve on; The Parish Council must show integrity, honesty and teamwork; surgeries in Upper Halling; Transparency and openness; over-long agendas;  Sally Brady standing down as Chair.  Confidence in the Parish Council after the election ; train timetables at Strood; cemetery gates and grass cutting in cemetery.


7.              Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

                  The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the  April 2015 meeting were a true record.  LH proposed, seconded by CH, that they were a true record.

All agreed apart from MJB who abstained.

Councillor Mark Joy proposed that items 12,16,17,18 and 19 be withdrawn from the Agenda as these were administrative items as advised by the Clerk

                  Councillor Sally Brady proposed that item 15 be moved to a closed session.  All agreed.


8.              Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting  

                  Item 19 – LH is still waiting for the tree inspection report.  Item 8 – Barry Barnes said that he is still dealing with the permissive footpath from Whittings Farm to the Plough path.  He also reported  that the marsh footpaths are in good condition  There had been some damage to stiles but this was being fixed.  Barry Barnes said he would be delighted to carry on as footpaths officer.


9.              To elect Vice-Chair and Committee Portfolio Holders.

                  There were nominations fro the post of Vice-Chair so this was left in abeyance

                  Estates – LH proposed; Finance MJ: Community JR: Footpaths and Marsh – GW and BB: Planning – MF:  Working party on Recreation Grounds – JR, AS, SB, LH and Maria Cook.

                  The Standards Committee would be convened as required.


10.            To appoint Members of Committees and representatives on other bodies.

                  Rural Liaison and KALC local committees – AS: Halling Association – SB and  GW: Jubilee Hall – TR; Community Centre – LH; Medway Valley Rail Partnership – BM.


11.            To confirm dates and venues for the ensuing year.

                  The list of dates and venues provided by the Clerk were agreed.


12          Discuss letter from Medway Council with regards to Purdah Rules. - Discuss under what authority the form was produced and by whom. Proposal to carry out a full investigation into the printing and distribution of the leaflet due to it being headed Halling Parish Council. – item withdrawn

13.            Speeding Vehicles on Pilgrims Road, between North Halling & Upper Halling. - Proposal to ask Medway Council to carry out a speed survey.

                  It was proposed by MJ, seconded by TR, that Medway Council be asked to carry out a speed survey on Pilgrims Road. All agreed and MJ will take this up with Medway Council officers.

14.            Discuss Land Management Stewardship Agreement signed by Halling Parish Council in 2008 for ten year agreement and discuss potential financial penalties if Halling Parish Council were to cause breach of the agreement prior to 2018. Item included with no 15.

15             To discuss the tenders received for Halling Marsh Grazing and to decide accordingly

This item was deemed to be commercially sensitive and was put to the end of the meeting and closed to the public.

16.            Discuss change to the reporting of attending Parish Councillors to reflect the wards that they represent.  Proposal to include ward in brackets after councillors names on all future minutes. The Clerk will do this in future.

17.            Proposal to amend Standing Orders to make it compulsory to display notices of meetings in all Parish Council notice boards within the specified time periods. As this is an administrative matter the Clerk will deal with this.

18.            Discuss why information regarding the values of tenders has been disclosed to certain councillors, but not all - item withdrawn

19.            Proposal to amend Standing Orders to make it compulsory for any future changes of meetings to be carried out in public. - Discuss and amend if required.  item withdrawn

20.            Local Council Award Scheme. This scheme has replaced the Quality Status scheme as of January 2015. Discuss whether Halling Parish Council would benefit from this scheme and look at what is required to reach each attainment level.  (I have attached a copy of the scheme details). To be brought up at next meeting.

21             Discuss why the payments and receipts have been removed from the minutes.  Proposal that this is included in all future minutes. – now included by Clerk


22             Annual Parish Meeting - report

LH reported that it was a very good event but we could have done with more residents.  Well done to all those who took part.


23.            Funday 2015.

CH suggested that Members ask in their respective wards what residents want.  TR said that people want it and that HPC should decide a date.  The 11th July was suggested and AS will talk to those interested.


24/25.     Receipts and Payments– as per spreadsheet.










Medway Council







Medway Council

CTRS 2015/6






Medway Council

Rural Liaison Grant






















Budget Head



Gross Total









Cut above the rest

Tree work in recs






Tom Bailey

Work on Upper Rec






Total Property

Fence & stakes Lower Rec






Zurich Municipal

Insurance rnl 2015/16






Total Property

Work on marsh Paths






Staples UK Ltd







BT Cook

Work on recs







Renewal of subs






Halling WI


Section 137












Proposed by Trevor Reynolds, seconded by Bob Morton, and the above payments were ratified, all agreed.


26             Any other Business

                  The Clerk reminded Members to complete their Code of Conduct and Register of Interest forms.  He also said that the Halling View is being worked on and should be out in the first week in June.


27.        Dates of upcoming meetings of the Parish Council

                  9th June 2015 at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30 pm.


Items 14 & 15  - closed meeting.

After discussion it was proposed by MF, seconded by LH, that the grazing rights for 2015 be awarded to Andrew Lingham.  There were six in favour, one against with one abstention. 


The meeting closed at 9.55 pm. 


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