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June 2015 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 9th June 2015 at the Jubilee Hall

Present:  Chair George Wenham (Upper Ward) GW; Sally Brady (North Ward)SB;

Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) CH; Bob Morton (Lower Ward) BM;  Andy Simpson (Lower Ward) AS; Trevor Reynolds ( Upper Ward) TR; Mark Joy (North Ward) MJ and Richard Thorne (Lower Ward) RT.


Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) and 23 members of the public. 



1.           Apologies for absence

Matt Fearn and Les Hitchcock – reasons accepted.


2.           Disclosure of any other Business

              The Clerk – Letter from Halling Football Club


3.           Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests

              MJ – pecuniary interest in item 15 (iii)


4.           Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

The  Chair adjourned the meeting and invited questions from the public present.  Among the points raised were: grass cutting in Cemetery, closure of Spice Inn, for sale sign on Fire Station, yellow lines outside Homeward Bound PH and Ladds Lane flooding.


5.           Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

              The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the  May 2015 meeting were a true record.  TR proposed, seconded by CH, that they were a true record.  All agreed


6.           Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting  

              Item 13 – MJ will chase this up with Medway Council


7.           Halling Funday – a proposal by Bob Morton that the Parish Council adopts the Funday planned for 18th July 2015.

              This was seconded by MJ.  AS felt that the Funday would need the full £3,000 from the Parish Council .  It was proposed by TR, seconded by SB, that the Finance Committee be delegated the authority to decided on this matter.  All agreed and the Clerk is to arrange a Finance meeting within the next two weeks.


8.           Footpaths.

Barry Barnes, the footpaths officer, reported that the RS201 which had been closed temporarily by Redrow Homes who had stated that it would not reopen until January 2016 at the earliest.  Medway Council is to insist that it be reopened before that date.

As regards the request for a permissive footpath from Whitings farm to the Cam path, he has spoken to the representative from Lafarge/Tarmac who had said that new proposals had been put forward which should not upset anybody. 

GW asked the public to close gates on the marsh while the cattle are there.


9.           Recreation Grounds

              AS gave an update on this.  The working party had recently been convened and an application for funding has been sent off to Sport England.  The swings in the Lower rec. have been taken down as they were unsafe.  Maria Cook, the Parish Council’s adviser, said that a decision from Sport England should be forthcoming in early August.  AS said there will be a stall at the Funday to explain the plans to residents.


10          Planning

              MJ said that an application had been received for a rear terrace at 31 Rochester Road, North Halling.  It was agreed that this needs no comment by HPC.   

11.         Redrow Homes – proposal by Chris Herbert that HPC makes contact with Redrow to establish a dialogue regarding current and future matters affecting the parish as a result of the Redrow development in Halling.

              CH said that among other things Redrow have postponed the footbridge for the RS 201, football pitches and sewage pipe and HPC should actively seek direct contact with them.  This was seconded by RT .  All agreed apart from MJ who abstained.


12.         Halling Fire Station – proposal by Chris Herbert  that the Parish Council, having considered the terms under which it holds the property known as the Fire Station, Halling, now considers it prudent to dispose of the property maintaining the ongoing covenant that the property be used for Community Use and that this disposal be made by way of sealed bids which may or may not be accepted by the Parish Council.  Further, the proposal is that the sale be marketed by Hicks Estate Agents in Snodland for a fee of 1.25% and that a budget of £2,500 be set aside to cover costs other than the Estate Agent’s fees.  Any net resulting income made from the sale to be used exclusively for the improvement of both the Lower and Upper recreation grounds in Halling and other property owned by the Parish Council  (see attached report)

              CH said that the grant applications for the recs. might not be successful and HPC has responsibility for the marsh and Marsh Road, which will need money spent on them.  CH also stated that a café would not be within the covenant applying to the purchase.  HPC could also lose the right of way to the lower rec.  TR asked what is the closing date for bids from would be purchasers. It was agreed to refer this matter to the Finance Committee meeting due shortly.  The proposal was seconded by SB and was agreed unanimously.


13.         Proposal by George Wenham to fence off the Kent Wildfowlers land from HPC land.

              GW said he had received a quotation of £220 from Total Property for this but after discussion it was felt that this was not necessary.  There being no seconder the proposal failed.


14.       Proposal by Sally Brady (North Ward) to

(i) Review and adopt the Bullying Policy proposed by Andy Simpson (Lower Ward)   into the Parish Council’s Standing Orders/Code of Conduct.

(ii) Review and update the Social Media Policy adopted by the Parish Council in      September 2014 to ensure that Councillors make use of the Parish Council website and Notice Boards that are accessible to all parishioners for any notifications. (see attached report)

Proposal (i) was seconded by MJ and all agreed.


It was agreed that the website needs updating but there was concern about having a facebook account. SB proposed that a Media committee be set up to look into these matters and this was seconded by AS.  All agreed.                                                                                      


15.       Proposals by Mark Joy (North Ward)

(i) Local Council Award Scheme. to proceed with achieving foundation stage     within the next 12 months.            

MJ sent all Members info about the Localism Act to show how  councils can achieve competency under the Act.  HPC should be able to achieve the foundation stage within 12 months.  This was seconded by AS and all agreed.

(ii) Lower Recreation Shelter -   to look at Street Art (Grafitti) to brighten up the    Shelter within    the Lower Recreation Ground.  AS said that the recs. working party will take this on board and report back.

(iii) Football in the Upper Recreation Ground.  MJ left the room having declared an interest.  AS said that Halling Football club want to use the Upper rec. for pre season friendlies and have also applied for a donation from HPC.   There was no seconder to this proposal so motion (iii) failed.


16.         Receiptsnone


17.         Payments










Budget Head























Needing ratification


















Total Property

Cover for Fire Station








Staples UK Ltd

Office consumables








Tom Bailey

Work on Upper rec








Ben Cook

Work on Lower rec FPs








Clive Stanley

Web fees for April 2015








EPC solutions

Survey at Fire Station








You First Partnership

Toner and drum









HA re YC

Section 137







Halling C/C

Hire for APM










































It was proposed by TR, seconded by BM that the above payments be ratified and all agreed.


18.  Dates of forthcoming meetings of the Parish Council

      Meeting of the Parish Council on 8th July at the Community Centre at 7.30 pm.


19.  Any other Business – dealt with under 15 (iii)


The meeting closed at 9.10 pm.



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