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July 2015 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 8th July 2015 at the Community Centre


Present:  Chair George Wenham (Upper Ward) GW; Sally Brady (North Ward) SB; Les Hitchcock (Lower Ward) LH; Chris Herbert (Lower Ward) CH ; Bob Morton (Lower Ward) BM;  Trevor Reynolds (Upper Ward) TR; Mark Joy (North Ward) MJ; Matt Fearn (Upper Ward) MF and Richard Thorne (Lower Ward) RT.


Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) and 23 members of the public. 



1.           Apologies for absence

Andy Simpson and Jenny Robinson – reasons accepted.


2.           Disclosure of any other Business

              RT – 1 item; MJ – 3 items; TR – 1 item and GW – 1 item


3.           Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests

              CH – prejudicial interest in item 18


4.           Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

Letter and verbal statements supporting SB.  Code of Conduct broken by certain HPC members.  No declaration of pecuniary interest made by a Councillor.  Bullying by one HPC member of another.   Cost of cutting Cemetery grass. Ownership of pontoon in Ferry Road.

SB then read out the enclosed letter regarding her resignation. 


5.           GW gave a vote of thanks to SB for all her good work on the Parish Council and said he was appalled by the fact that she has had to resign.


5.           Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

              The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the  main June  2015 meeting on the 9th were a true record.  TR proposed, seconded by RT, that they were a true record.  All agreed  It was then proposed by MF, seconded by LH that the minutes of the Extraordinary meeting on 30th June were a true record.  5 in favour.


6.           Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting   - none


7.           Halling Funday and Sunday.

              In the absence of AS, one of the Committee, Sam Thomas, produced a budget for HFW15 and said that everything is going well in the preparation.  MJ thanked all of those involved in view of the short time they had had to prepare. The Assistant Clerk reported on Sunday’s Duck Race – there will be 550 ducks being launched from the pontoon ending up at the school end of the village.  Permission has been obtained from the Medway Ports Authority.  It was proposed by RT, seconded by BM, that this should be regarded as a part of HVF15 and therefore covered by HPC.  All agreed. 


8.           Footpaths.

             Barry Barnes, the footpaths officer, reported that there has been total silence lately from Lafarge about the permissive path from Whittings Farm but he will keep pressing them.  A resident, John Martin, has been giving valuable help on the marsh which is greatly appreciated.  The delay on the RS201 has been caused by a fuel line under the site. 


9.           Halling Association

              MF reported that the Association had awarded £2,000 for HVF15, £1,500 for school shelter, £540 for Halling FC and £350 for youth club skate day.  There had also been an indication that there might be help for the recreation grounds.


10          Parish Website

              MF said there should be one person responsible for informing the webmaster and he proposed TR for the job.  It was agreed that this should be on the Agenda for the September meeting.


11.         Planning.

              MF  referred to application MC/15/1912 – new build in Chapel Lane, Upper Halling.

              CH said this is in an AONB and the green belt.  He proposed, seconded by RT, that the Parish Council objects to this application for the reasons given.  All agreed.


 12.        To approve the request for pond tipping in the marsh

              It was proposed by CH, seconded by TR, that provided HPC sees a copy of their insurance and takes no responsibility for the researcher involved, there are no objections. All agreed.


13.         Halling Fire Station  - update by CH.

              CH said that he had had only one reply from Councillors to his earlier email on this, namely TR, and proposed that HPC write to Hicks as per the amended email.  This was seconded by TR and all agreed.


14.       Halling FC – report on the match on 5th July.

            RT attended and said the teams were very well behaved.  Parking was a problem as there was an event at the Jubilee Hall.   TR said that Halling FC use the upper rec on Thursdays for training at the same time as the Brownies would like to use the rec.  Halling FC will liaise with them.


15.       Parish Council surgeries in Upper Ward – proposal by GW to open these up to all Parish Councillors representing Upper Halling

            It was agreed that there would be no problem with this and also to include MJ.  The Jubilee Hall needs to be booked for 14th August at 6.30 pm.


16          (1)Proposal by Mark Joy that no organised football to be played in either recreation ground without the written permission of Halling Parish Council.

(2) Proposal that no marking out of pitches without the written permission of Halling Parish Council.

(3) Proposal to have a mini soccer pitch on the Lower Rec for U11/U12 age group (9v9 80ydsx50yds) & have a mini soccer pitch on Upper Rec for U9/U10 age group

(7v7 60ydsx40yds). This will allow an income to be gained while providing sporting activity for youths (of Halling).  

9 v 9 Pitch Size

Minimum: 45 m x 60 m

Maximum: 50 m x 67 m


7 v 7 Pitch Size

Minimum: 30 m x 45 m

Maximum: 35 m x 50 m

(1) MJ said that this would make it easier for teams to get permission to use recs and to get retrospective permission for Halling FC to cover their remaining friendly fixtures.

The proposal was seconded by TR and all were in favour with a provision that ther must be a risk assessment for youngsters on the play equipment when matches are taking place. 

(2)  Seconded by LH and all agreed.

(3)  Seconded by TR .  All agreed but MF raised the problem of parking round the lower rec.

17.         Proposal by Mark Joy to make a donation to Halling Minors FC

              MJ pointed out that Halling FC had received a grant from Halling Association and he felt that HPC should make a donation of £80 to Halling Minors to enable them to purchase a pair of goals. Seconded by LH and all agreed.

18.         To discuss the relevant Standing Orders and Council Procedures based on the closed session of Tuesday 30th June 2015 and to revisit the decision taken.

              It was proposed by CH, seconded by TR that this item be discussed in private and moved to the end of the Agenda.  All agreed.

Items 19 & 20 receipts and payments – The Clerk said that he had not had time to submit these but will email to Members for scrutiny and approval at the next meeting.

21          Dates of next meeting of Halling Parish Council  - ward surgery on Friday 14th August 2015 at the Jubilee Hall at 6.30pm and full Council meeting on Tuesday 8th September at the Jubilee Hall.

22          Any Other Business

              RT said that the flagpole at the Church is in poor condition and can HPC help.  Also the Double Yellow Lines outside the Homeward Bound.  MF said that he would suggest a Single Yellow Line with time restrictions to Medway Council. 

              MJ said that following training with Medway Council, Members should be aware of their responsibilities un the Data Protection Act.  MJ said there had been a spate of break ins and thefts from vehicles in the Medway Valley.

              TR said that there had been a low flying helicopter over the village recently.

              GW said that Bob Morton and he went to the 70th Brownies celebration at the Jubilee Hall.  It was a very good occasion and they were each presented with 4 coasters and a badge.  TR said that HPC should send a line thanking them. 

Item 18 – CH having declared and interest left the meeting.

TR proposed that the Clerk sends KALC’s email of 6th July along with the minutes of the Extraordinary meeting of 30th June to the Monitoring Officer and gets a written definitive reply as to whether HPC can pay the KCC invoice. Seconded MF and all agreed.



The meeting closed at 9.45 pm.



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