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January 2015 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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MINUTES of Halling Parish Council held on 14th January 2015 at the Community Centre 

Present:  Chair Sally Brady (SB), Les Hitchcock (LH), Bob Morton (BM), Alan Herbert (AH), George Wenham (GW), Jim Sutherland (JS), Matt Fearn(MF) and  Andy Simpson (AS)    Bill Swan – Clerk (WS)

11 members of the public. 


1.              Apologies for absence -

Chris Herbert (CH) and Mark Joy (MJ) – reasons accepted.


2.              Disclosure of any other Business

MF – 1 item - agenda; WS – 2 items – HV prices and RLC;  AS – 2 items – parking issues and lighting; SB – 1 item – May election; GW – 1 item – social  media


3.              Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests

JS and AH declared a pecuniary interest in item 10 – Redrow Homes

4.              Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

                  The Chair adjourned the meeting and invited questions from the public present.

                  The following points were raised:

                  Noise from new bridge construction; Drains in Upper Halling; Cement works at Holborough; Fence in circle; Parking in High Street and Kent Road; lighting in Station Approach;


5.              Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

                  The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the December 2014 meeting were a true record.  AH proposed, seconded by LH, that they be accepted.  All were in favour and the Chair duly signed them.


6.              Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting - none


7.             Halling Marsh and footpaths

GW said that no reply had been received from the Wildfowlers about the small piece of land in spite of the Clerk’s letter and emails to their Chairman. The Clerk will chase this up.

It was agreed as a matter of urgency that Total Property put a new gate at the Maximilian Drive end of the RS320  where the fence has been broken down. Tenders for grazing will be going out shortly.  Barry Barnes, the footpaths officer, said he had a meeting with Carl Jones of Lafarge re a permissive footpath from Whittings Farm to Cemetery Road which was very helpful and he had also contacted Simon Barrett re the permissive path from the Marsh to the A228 as had MF.


8.              Recreation Grounds

JS provided Members with a copy of the minutes of the working party held on 8th January 2015.  Maria Cook said that HPC will be getting funding from various bodies and the Assistant  Clerk has agreed to help in this regard.  The working party felt that funds should reach the £75,000 level before any capital project is undertaken.  In the meantime the play equipment will be inspected regularly and maintenance carried out as necessary


9.              Planning

MF said that no new applications had been received since the last meeting.


10.            Redrow Homes  - no report


11             Purchase of Halling Fire Station

In the absence of CH, SB reported that KFRS and Medway Council are both dragging their feet over this and it was hoped to get completion by 31st March 2015.  This does not look possible to achieve  now so CH will try to get an extension of time.  It was proposed by SB, seconded by LH, that HPC approve the use of an architect to assist with the planning application for change of use.  All agreed.


12.            RCH02 Polling District polling station location.

MF has been in touch with Jane Ringham of Medway Council about this and she said that a working party will be set up to look at this but probably not in time for the May elections.

MF proposed, seconded by SB, that HPC recommends that New Town Social Club be used.  All agreed apart from AS who abstained.  MF will draft a letter to Medway Council for the Clerk to send.


13.            Request by Clerk to change the office opening hours

Following a request by the Clerk to change the office opening hours to Mondays from 0930 to 12 noon, Wednesdays from 0930 to 1600 and Fridays from 0930 to 12 noon, it  was proposed by SB, seconded by LH, that these hours be agreed.  All agreed apart from AS who abstained.              


14             Receipts

See attached spreadsheet [not on web site but available in Parish Office]


15.            Payments

See attached spreadsheet. [not on web site but available in Parish Office]

It was proposed by LH, seconded by BM that the payments be ratified.  All agreed


16.         Dates of forthcoming meetings of the Parish Council.

Tuesday 10th February 2015 at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30 pm.


17.        Any other Business

MF said that agenda items should explain where possible what was proposed and by whom.  AS mentioned the parking issues in the village and the lighting in Station Approach.

GW asked why don’t those people using social media to mention the Parish Council come to our meetings.

The Clerk said that the prices for adverts in the Halling View are as follows:

Half page A4 - £150 for 4 issues or £45 for single issues

Quarter page - £80 for 4 issues or £25 for single issues

Eighth page - £50 for 4 issues or £15 for single issues.

Charity and Village articles are free.

Invoices are being sent out requesting that advertisers pay in advance for the 2015 issues

AS agreed to act as HPC’s representative on the Rural Liaison Committee.

SB reminded Members that Parish Councillors have to step down after the April 2015 meeting and put themselves up for election if they wish.  SB would like everybody to move on if they are still on the Parish Council  in May.


The meeting closed at 8.45 pm



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