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February 2015 Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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MINUTES of an extraordinary meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 4th February 2015 at the Community Centre 

Present: Vice-Chair Chris Herbert (CH); Les Hitchcock (LH), Alan Herbert (AH), Jim Sutherland (JS), Matt Fearn (MF); Mark Joy (MJ); Bob Morton (BM); Andy Simpson (AS); Alan Herbert (AH)and Bill Swan – Clerk (WS)

3 members of the public


1.              Apologies for absence

                  Sally Brady  – reason accepted

                  CH took the chair in her absence.


2.              To accept the proposal that Halling Parish Council should purchase the Halling Fire Station without the condition that planning permission regarding the change of use be obtained prior to the longstop date of 31st March 2015.”

              CH as Vice-Chair explained the long stop date and said that the only way to protect the right of way to the Lower Rec. is for HPC to purchase the Fire Station.  Medway Council are keen that HPC sticks to the terms of the contract which states that it must be used for Community Use.  Even if HPC lease it to another body, it must be for Community Use.  He is confident that Medway Council will granted an application for change of use once HPC owns the property.   MF and MJ queried the possibility of a lease in view of ongoing costs.  MJ asked if HPC has the costs of maintaining the building.  He felt that HPC should negotiate the Right of Way but not purchase the building.  CH said he will provide Members with estimated figures.  It was pointed out by JS that the only way to protect access to the rec. is to buy the building.  CH said that if HPC does not go ahead with the purchase than it would have to hand back the £100,000.

              CH recommends that HPC purchase the property retaining the access and using any monies available for future HPC projects in the Recs. as agreed at previous meetings.  Completion could take place within 1 month of a decision.

              CH proposed, seconded by GW, that  the Parish Council approve the motion as in 2 above.   There was a show of hands and CH, GW, BM, LH, JS and AH voted in favour with MF, MJ and AS abstaining.

             The meeting closed at 8.15 pm.




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