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September 2014 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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APPROVED MINUTES of Halling Parish Council held on 9th September 2014 at the Jubilee Hall


Present: Chair Sally Brady (SB) Vice-Chair Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH) Bob Morton (BM) Alan Herbert (AH) George Wenham (GW) Mark Joy (MJ) Matt Fearn (MF) Jim Sutherland (JS) Trudi Smith (TS) Assistant Clerk 12 members of the public.

1.              Apologies for absence

                  None (Bill Swan – Illness)


2.              Disclosure of any other Business

                  LH – Trees in Upper Rec    TS – Highways response and dates for future events


3.              Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests

                MJ  declared an interest in Football and Cemetary    


4.              Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

                  The Chair adjourned the meeting and invited questions from the public present.

                  The following points were raised:

                  Cemetary clearance and security; repairs to the circle in Vicarage Close; Plough Path; Bus Route feeding Redrow; Re-opening of footpath near Whitings Farm; Postbox in Upper Halling; Bench in Upper Halling; Recycling, Tipper lorries.


5.              Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

                  The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the meeting held on 9th July were a true record.  SB proposed that they were, seconded by LH, all in favour and the Chair duly signed them.


6.              Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting

                  None were raised at this point, it was agreed to discuss updates fully under items.


7.              Co-option of new Members to fill the vacancies in Lower Ward

                  This has been passed over to the next meeting as the application was unable to attend.


8.              Rural Liaison Grant from Medway Council

                  Proposals for the use of the grant amounting to £3,550 was deferred to item 10.


9.              Halling Parish Council Media Policy

                   It was proposed by MJ and seconded by SB and all were in favour that the website would display the DRAFT minutes but this would be clearly stated as such and when they were approved the webmaster would change DRAFT to show clearly they were APPROVED .


                  The Social Media Policy from KALC was adapted for Halling Village and a summary of their contents was given my CH.  He also raised the dangers of the Parish Council using village Facebook and other website media due to the less than favourable comments which are often posted on line.  It was agreed that the Parish Council continue to give their information as a whole via the website page, at meetings, in Halling View and on the notice boards. CH proposed the motion, seconded by MJ and all agreed.


10.            Halling Marsh and Footpaths

                   Mr Barry Barnes was invited to give the Parish Council an update, details of which have been printed in the Halling View, Sept issue.  The Ticker Path is now wide open and cleared.  The Chair thanked Barry on behalf of the Parish Council for all his hard work put into this project.


                  Only one quote has been received from three for fencing and styles at the Marsh and figures were read out.  It was agreed that the works needed doing soon rather than later so the decision to proceed with the single quote was proposed by GW, seconded by LH and unanimously agreed by all to give the contract to Total Property.


                  The Rural Liaison Grant was discussed and agreed that it should be used to pay for the fencing and styles on the Marsh and to include a new lock be purchased which is suitable for emergency vehicles to gain access. 


11.            HALARA chosen charity event in support of Motor Neuron Disease

                  The advert has been placed in the Halling View to inform villagers of the event on 29th November 14 and it was proposed by SB that the Parish Council sponsor a race in the sum of £100.  Proposal was seconded by CH and agreed by all.


12.            Dog Bins

                  The trial bin outside the community centre where dog bags have been secured onto the dog bin has been successful, so it was requested that we put some more hooks on others around the village to see how popular/useful to dog owners this scheme is. (Action TS)


13.            Halling Cemetery

                  A letter from Rev Knight was read out by MJ.  The issue between the parochial council and local residents was discussed.  SB agreed to write a letter to Rev Knight to help mediate between both parties in the hope that an amicable solution could be sought.  Security issues were discussed and it was advised that any such matters should be raised with the police.

                  (Action SB)


14.            Upper and Lower Recreation Ground

                  JS requested that as there were so many issues surrounding the recreation areas that they be put into individual categories and not all lumped under one item to keep discussions more focussed.

a) Lower Rec Shelter

It was agreed by all that a flyer should be drafted by HPC to gain the views of all villagers on the removal of the youth shelter.  MF said he would take photos of the shelter and draft  something urgently as the Halling View had already been printed. 

b) Upper Rec Football

A letter of complaint had been received from neighbours bordering the upper rec because of the language used by players and the ball hitting garden fences.  Unfortunately it was unsure which team this letter had been targeted towards as there were two new teams playing in Halling.  MJ explained the situation of the pitches in Halling and that none of them are suitable for league games.  The football representatives present were requested to write again to HPC highlighting any costing and how HPC and Redrow Homes could help in funding them.  SB agreed to then make contact with Redrow to give them clarity on what the football team actually want from them in respect of the land promised by Redrow for football in the village.   (Action: SB)


c) Dogs in Recreation areas
It was agreed that no changes be made to the current rules in Halling and HPC should continue with our existing and Medway Council’s new guidelines.


15.            Kent Air Ambulance

                  It was propsed by MJ that HPC make a donation of £50 following their request to the Parish Council.  Seconded by MF and agreed by all present. (Action Clerk)


16.            Planning

                  MF informed the meeting that only one application had been received and that all the neighbours were happy with the application so nothing to report at this meeting.


17.            Halling View

                  The Assistant Clerk advised everyone that the HV had been printed and was ready for distribution by Paula Wilkins-Smith.


18.            Halling Association

                  The next HA meeting is not until 30 Sept.  SB to report back in October. (Action SB)


19.            World War I Commemorations

                  JS informed the meeting of the £25 poppies that could be ordered and planted at The Tower and given back to the village at a later date to be displayed.  TS confirmed that money was available for this as HPC always topped up money collected in November from the Poppy collections.

                  TS informed those present that she had been in touch with the government body that are distributing special slabs for anyone receiving the VC and that they wouldn’t be distributing them until next year.  It was agreed this slab be placed at the residence of Sgt Thomas Harris. TS to locate the address (Action TS).

                  TS informed the meeting that other groups had not responded with ideas for a village commemorative event, so it was agreed that it be held in conjunction with Rev Knight’s Remembrance Day service.  TS agreed to contact Rev Knight, the school, WI and to ask if any of the other organisations attending, had a band for the march to the memorial stone. (Action TS).


20.            Redrow Homes

                  The problems of parking due to the current roadworks were highlighted and TS was tasked to raise this with our PSCO to inspect the areas concerned.


21.            Purchase of Halling Fire Station

                  We have received a copy of Medway Small Works Tender document but it is far too complex for needs of HPC.  We are to follow up with KALC to see if they have anything more suitable.

                  There is at present only one proposed agent to obtain the change of use and redevelopment planning permission. CH liaise with Hicks on these matters.  (Action CH)


22.            Peter’s Pit Village

                  TS informed the meeting of discussions between the office and Highways over the concerns of parking and the impact of increased traffic when the new bridge is finished, in particular, the use of Halling Station.  MC Highways Dept has requested an email from HPC listing our concerns for them to investigate. (Action HPC)


23.            Receipts

24.            Payments

                  Spreadsheet was handed out which included both July and August receipts and payments.

CH declared a pecuniary interest in the payments.

It was proposed by SB and seconded by GW that these payments be ratified and agreed unanimously.


25.            A.O.B

                  LH brought up the issue of the trees in the Upper Rec and an ongoing complaint from a resident backing onto the area.  He is currently in discussion with Medway Council’s appointed Tree Surgeons.


                  The missing bench in Chapel Lane was discussed and clarity is needed as to who is responsible for its replacement, HPC or Lafarge.  Les and Sally to co-ordinate and subject to be raised at the next HA meeting with Lafarge. (Action LH/SB)


TS asked for confirmation of dates for the Xmas Tree lighting and carol concert.  It was agreed that the date would be 7th Dec, being the first Sunday in December and that Cllr Ray Maisey should be formally invited to turn on the lights this year. (Action TS)


The meeting closed at 9.20pm


                  The date of the next meeting is:   8th October in The Community Centre



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