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I hereby give notice of a meeting of Halling Parish Council to be held at the Jubilee Hall on Tuesday 9th September 2014 at 7.30 pm.

4th September 2014         Parish Clerk


1.     Apologies for absence

2   Disclosure of any other business – additional items to be discussed that have arisen since the publishing of the Agenda; no votes on these issues to take place.

3.     Declaration of any Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests

4   Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ questions. Allow up to 20 minutes for Parishioners to ask questions to the Chair.

5   Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

         To approve Minutes of the 9th July 2014 meeting.

6.     Matters arising from Minutes of last meeting

7.      Co-option of new Members to fill the vacancies in Lower Ward.


8.      Rural Liaison Grant from Medway Council

         Proposals for the use of the grant of £3550  for 2014/2015

9.      Halling Parish Council Media Policy

         To consider what action needs to be taken to ensure that all minutes contained on the Council’s website comply with the provisions of Standing Order 6(e) and the publication of draft minutes on the website. To consider how the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulation 2014 will affect the Parish Council.

         To accept the policy as recommended by KALC regarding the use of Media..

10.    Halling Marsh and footpaths

         Update from George Wenham and Barry Barnes and to accept quotes for fencing.


11.    HALARA chosen Charity of Motor Neuron Disease.

          To consider Halara’s request for donation of a raffle prize to be drawn at their race night on 29th November.

12.    Dog Bins

         To discuss possibility of putting dog refuse bags at the disposal bins to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dog(s).


13.    Halling Cemetery 

         Update on latest position re grass cutting and to appoint a representative of the Parish Council to have an overview of the Cemetery.

14.    Upper and  Lower Recreation Grounds.

         To decide on the future on the youth shelter.  To discuss the use of the Recs. for football training and matches and the continued ban on dogs in both recs.

15.    Kent Air Ambulance

         To consider their request for a donation.

16     Planning

         To discuss and vote on any planning applications received after 9th July 2014.

17.    Halling View

         Report by Clerk on September issue.


18.    Halling Association

         Report by Sally Brady.

19.    World War 1 commemoration

         To discuss the Parish Council’s involvement in an event to coincide with Poppy Day.

20.    Redrow Homes

         Update on the latest position of the road works caused by the pipe laying.

21.    Purchase of Halling Fire Station

         Update on latest situation.

22.     Peters Pit Village

         To discuss and decide upon actions to be taken in order to mitigate the impact on parking in the village caused by residents of Peters Village using Halling Station.

23.    Receipts


24.    Payments

         i)         To discuss and approve for payment any invoices received since the June meeting.

         ii)        To approve any regular payments made since the June meeting.

25.    Dates of upcoming meetings of the Parish Council.

        Parish Council meeting at the Community Centre on Wednesday 8th October 2014 starting at 7.30 pm.

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