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November 2014 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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APPROVED MINUTES of Halling Parish Council held on 11th November 2014 at the Jubilee Hall

Present: Chair Sally Brady (SB), Vice-Chair Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH), Bob Morton (BM), Alan Herbert (AH), George Wenham (GW), Jim Sutherland (JS) and 12 members of the public.  Bill Swan – Clerk (WS); Trudi Smith – Assistant Clerk (TS)


1.              Apologies for absence

Matt Fearn and Andy Simpson – reasons accepted.  The reason given by Mark Joy for his apology was not accepted by a unanimous vote.


2.              Disclosure of any other Business

LH – 1 item - trees; SB 1 item -  Xmas tree; WS – 2 items -  Halling View and  Assistant Clerk;  JS – 1 item – traffic survey.  TS – 1 item – Xmas market.


3.              Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests



4.              Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

                  The Chair adjourned the meeting and invited questions from the public present.

                  The following points were raised:

                  Flooding at Pilgrims Rest and Pilgrims Road; roads resurfacing after works; footpath adjoining by pass and obstruction from property.


5.              Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

                  The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the meeting held on 8th October 2014 were a true record.  CH proposed, seconded by GW, that they be accepted.  All were in favour and the Chair duly signed them.


6.              Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting - none


7.              Halling Marsh and footpaths

                  GW reported that the cattle on the Marsh have now been removed along with the water bowser.  The Clerk is to write to Kent Wildfowlers about the small parcel of land and request a site meeting. He has changed the lock on the gate to prevent any unauthorised access.

                  Barry Barnes, the Footpaths Officer, reported that the stiles are in good order and that the barbed wire on fencing at the side of the Maximilian Way entrance has been covered with mesh stock fencing.  Barry Barnes raised once again the possibility of permissive footpaths to link the A228 directly  to the Parish Council’s marsh paths through Cemex land  and from Whittings farm on the west side of the A228 to link up with Cemetery Road on Lafarge land.

                  The Clerk is to take this up with the people concerned.  


8.              Recreation Grounds

                  JS reported on the recent meeting of the Working party set up to examine the way forward on the recreation grounds and he had circulated the minutes of that meeting which basically said that HPC does not get enough from its recs. as the equipment is old and dated in style.

                 It is considered that HPC should look at regarding the Lower and Upper Recs. as 2 different projects.  At the moment the Lower rec. is a priority.  The Upper rec. has had refurbishment

recently and the safety surface in particular is in good order whereas that in the Lower rec. is in poor condition.  Rather than do it on a piecemeal basis, the work should be done as a whole and £75,000 should be set aside for this purpose, which means fund raising on a large scale.  TS and Maria Cook are to meet to discuss the best ways of raising the money.  There are a lot of funding streams available to tap. 

As regards the Youth Shelter, it is considered that before a final decision is made as to its future, the different age groups of the youngsters should be asked why they use the shelter.  It might be an idea to have a questionnaire put in the next Halling View.  It was agreed that the £1000 from Cllr Ray Maisey’s ward fund be spent on the Lower Rec.

The next meeting of the working party is on 5th December 2014

                  Under Standing Order 5 (a) v and xvii, it was proposed by SB, seconded by LH, that a donation of £350 be given to Halling Football Club towards their match fees.  All agreed but AH abstained.


9.              Planning – none received.


10.            Halling Association

SB reported that HA will be paying £1,000 for the fireworks (WW1)  and  £1985 for the ice rink at the Xmas event.


11.            World War 1 commemoration

                  Trudi Smith, the Assistant Clerk, reported on what was a very successful day and that the cost of the event to HPC was £289.35.   One of the ceramic poppies from the Tower of London has been ordered along with the paving slab in respect of Thomas Harris VC.

SB proposed a vote of thanks to the WI, Trudi Smith and her team, the bugler, Halling Association and the School for their efforts in making the day a success. 


12             Redrow Homes

                  CH said that the Covenant in respect of Marsh Road had been signed and the money due to HPC will be forwarded via our Solicitors.  It has been agreed that Redrow will provide a footbridge over the A228 from St Andrews Park.


13             Purchase of Halling Fire Station

                  CH said that KFRS have stated that HPC must purchase the property with the covenant regarding community use in place.  If HPC does not purchase the property the £100,000 will go back to Redrow Homes.  CH stated that HPC should go ahead with the purchase as things stand, as previously agreed.

HPC will have to consider what to do with the property for community use.

SB and CH have been invited to a meeting with Medway Council on 24th November and will report back.


14.            Cemetery

It was agreed that HPC does not need a representative to look at the Cemetery as this is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council.


15.            Vote of Censure against Councillor Mark Joy.

In view of Mark Joy’s absence, GW withdrew this item.


16.            KCC Legal Scheme

                  It was proposed by SB, seconded by CH, that HPC continue to be a member of this scheme at a cots of £315 pa.  All agreed.


17.        Receipts – none


18.        Payments

                  It was proposed by LH, seconded by CH, that the payments a shown on the spreadsheet circulated at the meeting  by the Clerk should be ratified.  All agreed.


19.         Dates of forthcoming meetings of the Parish Council.

Wednesday 10th December 2014 at the Community Centre at 7.30 pm.


20.        Any other Business

Assistant Clerk – the Xmas Market will be on Sunday 7th December and will have 30 stalls in the Community Centre, a Father Christmas Grotto and ice skating over the Five Bells.  The Lights on the Christmas Tree will be switched on by The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ray Maisey, accompanied by Carols and Xmas songs. There will be mulled wine and refreshments in the Community Centre afterwards.  Full details will be in the December Halling View. The Christmas Tree will be arriving on the morning of Saturday 29th November and  help will be needed to put it up     Redrow are paying for the decorations at the Jubilee Hall for their Xmas Market on 6th December.  The Clerk asked for all items for the Halling View to be sent to the office as soon as possible for inclusion in the December issue. 

The Clerk also announced that his Assistant, Trudi Smith, has resigned from the post with effect from 31st December 2014. 

LH said that a horse chestnut tree in the lower rec has had to be felled because of it being in a dangerous condition.                                   

JS asked if Medway Council could be chased up concerning the traffic survey.                                                                            


The meeting closed at 8.45 pm


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