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March 2014 Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 12th March 2014 at the Community Centre


Present:         Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair,  Sally Brady (SB) Vice-Chair,  Les Hitchcock (LH),

Chris Herbert(CH), Kevyn Wightman (KW); Jim Sutherland (JS); Bob Morton(BM) and

George Wenham(GW).

Bill Swan the Clerk (WS), Trudi Smith – the Assistant Clerk (TS) Councillor Ray Maisey and 10  members of the public


1.          Apologies

Matt Fearn  - reason approved.


2.         Disclosure of any other business

LH – 2 items – 4 items of correspondence.


3.          Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or prejudicial interests

CH declared a prejudicial interest in item 8.  LH declared a prejudicial interest in item 12.


4.        Parishioners’ Questions.

MJ then adjourned the meeting to hear parishioners’ questions

Among the points raised were the following:

Sign at junction Bradley Road, Upper Halling.  Tree felling on Redhill. Fence in Kent Road. Rubbish by Stake Lane Roundabout.  Left over signs on by pass. Footpath behind Pilgrims Rest.

Football pitches near allotments. Fencing of footpaths on Marsh.  Overhanging bushes in Browndens Road.


5.          Reconvene meeting and Minutes of February 2014 main and extra-ordinary meetings.

It was proposed by LH, seconded by GW, that the minutes were a true record of both February meetings.  All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.


6.          Matters Arising

Item 7 – MJ said that this has been checked out and residents will be allowed to ask for clarification  with the Chairman’s discretion.


7.          Co-option of new Members for Upper and Lower Wards.

Alan Herbert for Upper Ward and Jenny Robinson for Lower Ward.

MJ said that following the new procedure, he endorsed both applications.  SB said that she objected that the process was not followed properly as invites were not sent out to all Councillors concerning the interviews. MJ said that the Standing Orders were followed but that there was a lack of time in dealing with this.

Alan Herbert (AH) and Jenny Robinson (JR) then signed the declaration book and took up their places.


8.          Formal Announcement of a Public Apology to Bill Swan – the Clerk and to Trudi Smith – the Assistant Clerk.

CH having declared an interest left the room and the Chairman accompanied him.  The Vice-Chair took over the Chair.  She said that Halling Parish Council as a corporate body accepted that an apology was due to the Clerk and his assistant as a result of what certain Councillors had put them through over the last two years and as agreed at the February extra-ordinary meeting, this was duly given to applause from the public.  The Clerk thanked Members and public for their response and the Assistant Clerk duly withdrew her grievance.

MJ and CH then re-entered the room.  A question was asked from a resident why MJ had left the room? His answer was that he felt excluded from the decision as he was not at the extra-ordinary meeting on 19th February 2014.


9.  Cllr Mark Joy’s reply to statement given out by Cllr Sally Brady with regards to grievance, legal fees and complaint and to correct issues reported by Cllr Sally Brady.

MJ having taken over the Chair again, said he always likes to give people the right to reply so wants to have his own chance. He felt that Members would not know what the Nolan Principles are.  SB said that MJ is dragging this out to suit his own purposes.  JS said that a line was drawn under this at the extra-ordinary meeting on 19th February.  MJ then left the meeting.  SB then took over the Chair again.  She proposed that this matter be put to bed but MJ has the right to reply but not at a Parish Council meeting. This was seconded by GW.  7 Members voted in favour with 2 abstentions.


10. Halling View production.

The Clerk said that he and his assistant had completed the March addition which was being delivered now.  It was agreed that the Clerks should carry on with the help of KW and JR .


11. FW14 – arrangements for Committee

SB said that we have to move on this and the Clerk will email Members to see who wants to serve on the Committee and who they suggest as residents to join.  


12.  FW13 – update on audit.

CH said that he has not had enough time as yet to deal with this but will get together with SB to move forward on this. 


13.  Fire Station purchase

The Clerk said that HPC’s solicitor is preparing the paper work for the conveyance of the property.


14. White Pit.

KW said that she had no specific updates to report and reminded Members that the lease expires in June 2014.  HPC is spending £800 annually on maintenance excluding fences.  CH asked if the fence at the top of the pit is the responsibility of HPC under the lease. The Clerk is to check this.  JS asked if HPC is really interested in keeping on the White Pit.  SB suggested ho0lding an extra-ordinary meeting on site in April.


15. Halling Marsh.

GW said that  a lot of damage has been done to the Marsh by tidal surges and torrential rain and the cattle being left on there until December 2013 long past the agreement date.    He proposed that the Marsh be closed for the 2014 grazing season to allow the land to recover with a view to reinstating the grazing rights in 2015, although HPC would lose £500 in revenue.  This was seconded by LH.   8 Members voted in favour with 1 abstention.   The Clerk will write to Peter Lingham accordingly.


16. Bishops Palace

KW said that she has no update but looking for donation for bulbs and flowers to plant on site.  SB said she will take this up at the next Halling Association meeting.


17. Annual Parish Meeting

The Clerk said that the Jubilee Hall has been booked for Saturday 26th April 2014 from 12 noon until 3.00 pm.  He and the Assistant Clerk will be sending out the invitations explaining the new format.


18.  Report by Bob Morton on KALC meeting  - see attached


19.  Traffic Survey

JS asked if there were any results as a result of the recent traffic survey - the Clerk said nothing had been received – he is to chase up Medway Council.


20.  Councillor Ray Maisey’s ward fund

SB said that the £1000 from Cllr Ray Maisey’s ward fund will be used for hand dryers in both the Community Centre and Jubilee Hall at an approximate cost of £500.  She proposed that up to £500 be spent on the hand dryers and the remainder to be used to trim back the edges of Marsh Road.  This was seconded by CH and all agreed.

SB expressed the thanks of HPC to Ray Maisey for his help.


21  Receipts - none


















Needing ratification
















07 February 2014


Tom Bailey 

Upper Rec





07 February 2014


Ben Cook  

Lower Rec





07 February 2014


Clive Stanley

Web fees





07 February 2014


Halling C/C  

Hire of hall





07 February 2014



Clerks' training





07 February 2014


Poppy Appeal


Section 137




07 February 2014


Staples UK Ltd

Office purchases





20 February 2014



Councillor Training





20 February 2014



Legal fees





























Needing approval










Park Leisure

Upper rec equipment

Section 137






Apex Law LLP


Fire Station







Phone and B/B













It was proposed by KW, seconded by BM, that the above payments be ratified and approved respectively.  All agreed.


23. Any Other Business

LH mentioned that Medway Council wished to know where we wanted the new dog bins to be placed.  Cllr Ray Maisey will deal with this.


24. Date of next meeting

HPC meeting 8th April 2014 at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30 pm and the Annual Parish Meeting on 26th April 2014 at the Jubilee Hall between 12 noon and 3.0pm.

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