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June 2014 ExtraOrdinary Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of extra-ordinary meeting of Halling Parish Council held on 23rd June 2014 at the Community Centre


Present:         Chair Sally Brady (SB), Vice-Chair Chris Herbert (CH), Jenny Robinson (JR), Les Hitchcock (LH) Jim Sutherland (JS); Bob Morton (BM) George Wenham(GW),  Alan Herbert (AH)

 Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) Trudi Smith Assistant Clerk (TS) & 4 members of the public.


1.          Apologies for absence

Mark Joy and Matt Fearn – reasons accepted.


2.          Disclosure of Any Other Business

The Clerk reported that Medway Council have agreed an additional  payment of £15,000 from the Rural Liaison Grant.


3.          Declaration of any Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests - none


4.       Deed of Grant in respect of Marsh Road in favour of Redrow Homes Ltd

To receive and approve the wording of a Deed of Grant in respect of Marsh Road in favour of Redrow Homes Limited for the purpose of granting the right to lay, maintain and use a foul water sewer.


CH stated at the outset that HPC voted at the October 2013 meeting to accept £5,000 from Redrow Homes and said that if HPC objects than SE Water have statutory powers to go ahead anyway.  HPC continues to own the land but SE Water has the right of access to Marsh Road.  HPC needs to approve the wording of the Deed of Grant and its Solicitors have no problems with this.  SB has spoken to Mark Reckless’ office who state that Redrow has acted properly.  It is intended that the work is carried out in school holidays. JS said that he is concerned about the affect on the Village.  SB said that HPC must agree to this.  CH proposed that HPC approve the above motion.  This was seconded by SB and unanimously agreed.


5.     Contract for the purchase of Halling Fire Station


(a) To receive and approve the wording of the contract for the purchase of the Halling Fire Station and associated documentation.

(b) To discuss and decide upon the planning application that must be submitted for the Halling Fire Station

(i)   Outline planning permission to redevelop to 5 affordable housing units

(ii)  Change of use only


CH said that HPC’s solicitor has given his views on this.  CH produced a Business Plan and HPC

agreed to buy the Fire Station at the October 2013 meeting under item 8.


CH stated that there are two options to be considered:

(i) 5 affordable housing units: surveyor feels that this would be the most beneficial option for the site as the approximate value of the land would be 30% of the cost of the units.


CH proposed that HPC approve option (a).  This was seconded by JS and agreed unanimously.

CH then proposed that HPC approve option (i) as regards a planning application for 5 units.

This was seconded by SB and approved unanimously.    CH pointed out that planning permission must be sought within 12 months of the exchange of contracts. 


The meeting closed at 8.00 pm.
















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