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June 2014 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 10th June 2014 at the Jubilee Hall



Present:         Chair Sally Brady (SB), Vice-Chair Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH) Jim Sutherland (JS); Bob Morton (BM) George Wenham (GW), Matt Fearn (MF) Alan Herbert (AH); Jenny Robinson (JR); Mark Joy (MJ) Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) Trudi Smith - Assistant Clerk (TS) & 13 members of the public.  Police Insp Ada Leppard

PCSO Steve Talbot.


1.          Apologies for absence - none


2.          Disclosure of Any Other Business

SB- future Agendas – FW13


3.          Declaration of any Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests

MF has a pecuniary interest in White Pit and any Cemex matters


4.          Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions.

The Chair adjourned the meeting and invited the public to ask questions of the Parish Council.

The following points were raised:

Insp Ada Leppard updated the meeting on the police’s response to the recent spate of crime and ant-social behaviour in Halling.  Patrols had been increased but she wished to reassure residents that in spite of the recent happenings, Halling is normally a crime-free area.

Logging on Red Hill; Parking generally; Post box in the Street Upper Halling;  Redrow’s latest plans for St Andrews Park.  (There has been no application at the present except for changes to the design of some of the houses) 


7.            Reconvene meeting and Minutes of 7th May 2014 meeting.

The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the meeting held on 7th May 2014 were a true record.  It was proposed by CH, seconded by LH, that they were a true record, all agreed apart from MJ who abstained.  The Chair duly signed them.

8.          Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting.

Item 20 – no feedback on this. 


7.          Audit of Accounts for 2013/2014 – report by Clerk

The Clerk  had previously  emailed Members with copies of the Audit Return and it was proposed by CH, seconded by MJ that these should be accepted and signed and forwarded to the External Auditors.  All agreed.


8 & 16  Sewerage works from St Andrews Park and South East Water works.

It was decided to combine these two items as they are related.

JS said that he attended the public meeting with SE Water who stated that 2 pipes cannot be laid at the same time.  He expressed concern about residents getting round the village when the roads are closed.

JS said that there will be a shuttle bus service to connect Upper and Lower Halling.  CH said that the bus service could have a problem when the railway bridge is closed over an extended period from July to September.  SB and CH will be following this up with Redrow.


9.          Halling Marsh

GW reported that on 30th May, he, LH, Barry Barnes, Kevyn Wightman and Martyn Court visited the marsh to find out exactly what is need in the way of fencing to keep cattle away from walkers.  The Clerk arranged a site meeting with Mr Hazlemere of Snodland about the grass cutting at no cost to HPC with the contactor taking the grass for fodder.  The Clerk is to check the insurance and risk management. 


10.        Purchase of Fire Station

CH read through the title document – there have been 2 problems for HPC’s Solicitor.  1: access to property as shown on map and 2: “sleeping meters”  These have been resolved.  The next step is for HPC to come to a decision whether to obtain planning permission for development.  He will have a proposal ready for the July meeting.


11.        Chapel Lane  dealt with at Parishioners Questions.


12.        Halling Village Fayre 2014 (HVF14)

SB  reported that arrangements were being finalised and that a flyer giving details will be delivered to every house in the Village in the week before the event. 


13.        Recreation grounds and youth shelter.

PCSO Steve Talbot told the meeting that the youth shelter is a haven for anti social behaviour and drug taking but it could be a catch 22 as they will just move on to somewhere else in the Village. It was decided to adjourn discussion of the youth shelter to get views of the residents and to be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

MF and JS queried if the refurbishment of the Upper rec. had been value for money.  The Clerk said that only positive feedback had been received from residents.  MJ thought that the play area in the Upper rec is too close to the trees so the only answer is to get the trees cut.  The Clerk will look into this.  MF asked about football pitches – SB said she will take this up with Redrow.


14.        Halling View

The Clerk said this was published on time and has been delivered to all houses.  It has been well received.


15.        White Pit  - no report


17.        Halling Cemetery

JS reported that a working party from the Village have been working extremely hard on clearing the Cemetery.  The Parochial Church Council are responsible for this but HPC will put this on the Agenda for the July meeting to see how it can help


18.        Receipts - none


19.            Payments

(i)    to discuss and approve for payment any invoices received since the May 2014 meeting.

(ii)  to approve any regular payments made since the May meeting.

Date                Payee            Detail                             Budget       Net            Vat           Gross         

1st May 2014   Clive Stanley  web fees for April 2014   G/A            £138.00                                            £138.00

1st May 2014    Tom Bailey     work on Upper rec.         EST                £97.50                                          £97.50

2nd May 2014   Cash cheque   Office petty cash             G/A            £250.00                                         £250.00

6th May 2014    Staples UK    Office consumables         G/A                £23.28                    £4.66 vat        £27.94

8th May 2014   Awkward Entertmnt.  Deposit            HVF14            £780.00               £156.00 vat         £936.00

8th may 2014    Halling W I     Donation fro APM   Section 137        £100.00                                        £100.00

16th May 2014 Ben Cook      Work on Lower rec.        EST                £140.00                                        £140.00

22nd May 2014 C A Grant Ltd Tokens                       HVF14               £175.00              £35.00 vat           £210.00

22nd May 2014  Jubilee Hall    Hire                              G/A                  £54.00                                             £54.00

23rd May 2014  Total Property Installation of Dryers Section 137  230.00                                            £230.00

23rd May 2014   Total Property Xmas tree area   Section 137       £124.00                                             £124.00

23rd May 2014   Total Property  Repairs to N/Bs      EST                   £70.00                                             £70.00


It was proposed by LH, seconded by CH, that the above payments be agreed.  All agreed except MJ.


26. A.O.B.

FW13 – agreed to sign this off when SB and CH have had a chance to meet up.

The Clerk formally reported Kevyn Wightman’s resignation from the Parish Council.


27.        Dates of upcoming meetings of the Parish Council

Parish Council meeting on 9th July 2014 at the Community Centre at 7.30pm.


The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.



























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