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July 2014 Meeting - Approved Minutes
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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 9th July 2014 at the Community Centre



Present:         Chair Sally Brady (SB), Vice-Chair Chris Herbert(CH), Les Hitchcock (LH) Jim Sutherland (JS) Bob Morton(BM); George Wenham(GW),  Alan Herbert (AH), Jenny Robinson (JR), Mark Joy (MJ)

Bill Swan – Clerk (WS) , Medway Councillor Ray Maisey and 5 members of the public. 


1.          Apologies for absence

           Matt Fearn – reason accepted.


2.          Disclosure of Any Other Business

           LH – voluntary group.  MJ – Jubilee Hall


3.          Declaration of any Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests

            CH declared a pecuniary interest in item 23 – payments made to his wife re HVF14; LH and JR also in item 23 as payments made to them re HVF14 and MJ declared a prejudicial  interest in item 15 – the Jubilee Hall.


4.          Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions.

The Chair adjourned the meeting and invited the public to ask questions of the Parish Council.

         The following points were raised:

         Ownership of cottage in Vicarage Road, Upper Halling; seat in Chapel Lane; Cemetery clearance; road signs and markings; circle in Vicarage Close; Speeding in Pilgrims Road.


5.            Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings.

The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the meetings held on 10th June and 23rd June 2014 were a true record.  JR said that her attendance at the 10th June meeting was not shown.  It was proposed by GW, seconded by LH, that subject to this amendment the minutes of the 10th June meeting were a true record along with the minutes of the extra-ordinary meeting on 23rd June.

All agreed and the Chair duly signed them.


6.          Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting.

Item 8 & 16  -  JS said that South East Water stated that there would only possibly be a bus feeder service if necessary and this is not definite.


8.          Sewerage Works from St Andrews Park

The Chair has been in contact with Redrow Homes making them aware of the problems and is awaiting a full update from them.  JS said that under the Deed of Grant,HPC is responsible for keeping the public informed.  CH said that the contractors are contemplating moling the pipeline subject to bore holes.  If this is possible, this would reduce the impact on residents.


9.          Redrow Homes – football pitches.

SB has spoken to Glen Wells of Redrow about this.  MJ said that their original offer was for two junior pitches or one full size pitch. It was felt that HPC should go for one full size pitch and that the fencing to the allotments should be improved.


10.        Halling Marsh

GW said that work has started on cutting the grass on the marsh and will be completed shortly – weather permitting.  The contractor will do a trim back in the autumn.  A quote of £1675.00  has been received for fencing on the marsh – another quote is to be obtained.


11.        Purchase of Fire Station 

CH said that he asked Members to nominate  Agents to act on HPC’s behalf but nothing was forthcoming.   Hicks of Snodland have said that they are willing to act on HPC’s behalf and CH and the Clerk will draw up Tender documents – using Medway’s small works tender documents.

12.        White Pit

SB  said that she spoke to the representative of Cemex recently who said that they will come back to us with a way forward.  She thanked Ben Cook for all his work on the site. 


13.        Halling Village Fayre 2014.

SB said that it had been an absolutely fantastic day with so many people attending that the tokens ran out.  She thanked everybody involved.  There will be a full report with photos in the September edition of Halling View.  She passed round the preliminary statement  of accounts which showed that the £3,000 allocated by the Parish Council to this event had been under spent by £1,726.67.  It was proposed by SB, seconded by JS, to make a payment of £200 to Halling Youth Club from this under spend.  This was agreed with MJ abstaining.


14.        Recreation Grounds and Youth Shelter

LH said that there are still  problems with this including anti social behaviour and drug taking.   SB said that should be put on the next Agenda and the Halling View will ask residents for their opinion as to whether it should remain or be removed.


15.        Jubilee Hall

MJ who asked for this to be put on the Agenda requested that the item to be adjourned.


16.        Use of Media

SB said that other Parish Council’s like Bredhurst have their own Facebook page to disseminate information to residents..  .  CH said that the advice from KALC is for Parish Councils to steer clear of Facebook.  She and CH will talk to Clive Stanley HPC’s webmaster about this and include the Parish Newsletter in any idea.  CH said that there is a Code of Conduct for the use of Media and wishes this to put pit on the Agenda for the next meeting.


17.        Traffic Survey

JS  raised his concerns about parking at the school.  CH updated the meeting to the effect that Double Yellow Lines will be installed at the junction of Howlesmere Close and the High Street.  The Clerk said that no answer has been received from Medway Council re the traffic survey and he will chase this up.  JS asked if No through Road signs could be put up when the road closures take place.  CH said that the contactors will be responsible for doing so should it prove necessary.


18       Halling Cemetery

JS said that the effort that local residents had put in to clear the cemetery had been tremendous.  Mark Gilliard should be congratulated for leading on this task.  JR will carry on keeping an eye on things in the Cemetery and will report as necessary.  MJ said that the help given by Village volunteers should be acknowledged  in Halling View

19      Planning

No applications received since last meeting but MJ asked if the Clerk could obtain an extension of the time for discussion of the Redrow site.

SB reported that Cemex have been granted permission for their concrete beam plant.

20      Halling View

Although very well received there was some concern about the size of fonts used.  The Clerk said that the magazine tried to follow the original articles and adverts, as much as possible.

21.     Halling Association

SB reported on the recent meeting of the Association and said that  grants had been approved for the Halling Weatherman to purchase new equipment; for the Community Centre to purchase new chairs and for the Youth Club Skate Day.

22.   Receipts

  30/06//04      HVF 14                    Cash  £1590

23.   Payments

See attached spreadsheet

It was proposed by MJ, seconded by SB that these payments be ratified.  Agreed unanimously.

 Any Other Business

These were covered in items 15 and 18.

24.  Date of next meeting of Halling Parish Council

Tuesday 9th September 2014 at the Jubilee Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.
























































































































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