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January 2014 Meeting Minutes
Draft - to be adopted at next meeting

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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 8th January 2014 at the Community Centre



Present:         Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair,  Sally Brady - Vice-Chair (SB);Les Hitchcock (LH);

Matthew Fearn (MF); Kevyn Wightman (KW); Jim Sutherland (JS)

8  members of the public


1.          Apologies

Chris Herbert (CH) – work – approved.


2.          Disclosure of any other business and Member Interests

Clerk – 3 items – LH declared a prejudicial interest in item 12.


3.          Adjournment for Parishioners’ Questions

Points raised: Road closure at water works in Vicarage Road; Phone box in Lower Halling; Dog fouling in Lower Rec. Cemetery; Station Approach; Footpaths booklet; Valley of Vision.


4.        Minutes of November 2013

KW said that under item 19 – the £120 referred to equipment only not training.


5.          Matters arising

MJ – item 17 – was Daryl Palmer approached on documents to clarify his dealings with VoV?  MJ and KW will contact him.  MJ – item 18 – have the warning signs been put up on Bishops Palace yet?  LH – item 23 – the Youth Club raised £658.49 at the Children in Need night.


6.          Standing Orders amendments

(i) MJ introduced these items.  He proposed to make Councillor training compulsory for all HPC Members.  New Councillors to attend basic training modules C101 and C111 within 6 months (or at the earliest opportunity) of taking office.  All Councillors to attend a training module every 12 months.  This was seconded by LH and was agreed unanimously

(ii) As MJ wishes HPC to move on, he proposed that if a Parish Councillor resigns, he/she cannot reapply to be a Councillor for a period of at least 6 months but this would not bar them from standing for election at compulsory election times.  This was seconded by LH and agreed unanimously.

(iii) MJ proposed that the procedure before co-option of new Members should be as follows:

Prospective councillors should be interviewed initially by the Parish Clerk followed

By a meeting with the Chair and one other Councillor from the Ward they are applying for.  This was seconded by MF  and was agreed unanimously. MF said that he has looked at other Parish Councils  who take a vote on whether applicants should be co-opted. MJ said that the procedure could be amended over time if necessary.


7.          Co-option of New Members

Bob Morton was co-opted on to fill one of the vacancies in Upper Ward and George Wenham was co-opted to fill the vacancy in Lower Ward.  They took their places and signed the Declaration Book.


8.          Restricted Item – Complaint to the Parish Council

It was decided to adjourn this item to the meeting on 14th January 2014 where it will follow the Finance Committee.


9.  Halling View.

MJ thanked KW for her work on the December 2013 edition.  There have been positive  comments on the A4 layout.  As KW doses not wish to continue in her role as Editor, MJ will set up a working group of Councillors and the Clerks  for future editions.


10. Old Fire Station Building

The Clerk reported that the 2 solicitors have been in touch regarding the conveyance.  He will contact our solicitor to ascertain the latest position.  It was felt that the £100,000 should be paid over by Medway Council to HPC as soon as possible


11. Offer of football pitches from Redrow.

MJ asked if HPC though it was a good idea to adopt these pitches.  MF asked what the financial implications might be.  There is a meeting with Chris Sparks of Redrow on 15th January at the Community Centre at 7.00pm.  CH, MJ, JS and MF to attend.  MJ will report back to the February meeting.


12.  FW 13

MJ reported on the meeting in October 2013 with FWC who said they would provide FW13 accounts. The only thing received was a spreadsheet.  HPC has been chasing since October 2013 and FWC sent another spreadsheet on 7th December 2013. No money has been seen nor a full set of accounts with receipts or invoices.  FW13 appears to be going along the same lines as FW11 and FW12 so has been reported to the authorities.  Hayley Winter has promised to bring the money and receipts into the office by 10th January 2014.  JS asked if HPC is drawing a line under FW11 and 12 by telling residents about the mess getting those involved to apologise.  He said that HPC could not be separated from FWC as 5 Parish Councillors served on FWC.  SB felt that HPC should make a statement to drawn a line under FW11 and 12 and move forward.    


13.  Halling Community  Funday  (HCFD)

MJ said that the new Committee will be made up of HPC members and co-opted residents and will be open to the public and with a proper Agenda and Minutes. SB and LH volunteered from HPC  and Sam Thomas, Rachael Humphreys and Steve Tilbury as residents.  CH will take overall financial responsibility.  It was proposed by MJ, seconded by MF, that the above be approved.  All agreed.


14. Parish Council website.

HPC’s webmaster, Clive Stanley, gave an update on the upgrading of the website.  KW asked if the links to the old site could be moved to the new site..  Clive Stanley said that this is possible. MJ said that we will have to look at the cost of moving this across   A meeting will be arranged with Clive Stanley to update HPC.


15. Tidal Floods on Medway River

GW said that the cattle should have been moved by 31st October 2013 but were still there at the beginning of December.  Peter Lingham has apologised and has donated £40 to HPC to go to a charity of its choice.  MJ said that HPC must look at the future of cattle grazing on the marsh.  KW asked if there is a management plan – the Clerk said there wasn’t. MJ will meet up with GW to look at the site.  KW said that HPC needs to understand its own land. 


16. Standards Committee

MJ proposed that HPC should set up a Standards Committee.  This was seconded by SB and approved unanimously.  MJ, BM, MF and JS volunteered to sit on the Committee.


17. Halling Parish Council leaflet

This item was requested by JS who felt that a newsletter to be circulated between the four issues of Halling View would be worthwhile in informing residents of any urgent issues.

JS felt that not too much time should be spent on this.  He is willing to trial this with the office to test the water


18. Communication between Councillors

SB said that following things which happened in 2013, in any communication between Councillors (including email) the background should be given and they should involve everybody.


19 Planning

MC/13/3107 - 62 Rochester Road, North Halling – in view of comments made by residents , JS and GW said they will visit the site and report back.

MC/13/0615 – 33 Browndens Road, Upper Halling – no objection.


20. Councillor Training

MJ proposed, seconded by SB, that HPC hosts another training event for the basic modules on planning in April 2014 and hosts a training event for basic modules on Finance in November 2014 to ensure that all our councillors have att6ned relevant modules to assist them in their roles.

All agreed.


21.  Receipts

As per spreadsheet circulated by Clerk.  Total £2970.76


22.  Payments

It was proposed by LH, seconded by BM, that the payments as shown on spreadsheet circulated by Clerk,  listed as already made be ratified and those due to be paid be agreed.  All agreed.


23. Correspondence

(i) Medway Council – to say that the conduct of FW11 and 12 should be dealt with by HPC.

(ii)Medway Council – Rural Liaison Grant of £6991/09 available.  This to be used towards the refurbishment of the Upper Rec.  play equipment.  It was agreed to go ahead on the basis of the quote from Park Leisure for £16,355 which following representation from the Assistant Clerk, they have reduced to £14,500. 

MJ read out a letter from Trenport stating that the bridge to Peters Pit, Burham will be started soon.

KW has had a 2 page explanation from Valley of Vision of how the scheme came about for the Bishops Palace.


24. Any Other Business

SB  said that she and her daughter will be sleeping in  cardboard boxes on 25th January 2014 sponsored by MHS homes to raise money for charity.  


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