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I hereby give notice of a meeting of Halling Parish Council to be held at the Community Centre on Wednesday 8th January 2014 at 7.30 pm.

3rd January 2014         Parish Clerk


1. Apologies for absence

2. Disclosure of any other business – additional items to be discussed that have arisen since the publishing of the Agenda; no votes on these issues to take place.

3. Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ questions. Allow up to 20 minutes for Parishioners to ask questions to the Chair.

4. Reconvene meeting and Minutes of November 2013 meeting
To review and agree Minutes as a true record.

5. Matters arising from Minutes of last meeting

6. Standing Order amendments
i) Proposal to make Councillor training compulsory for all Parish Councillors. New Councillors to attend basic training modules C101 and C111 within 6 months (or at the earliest opportunity) of taking office. All Councillors to attend a training module every 12 months.

ii) Proposal that the procedure following resignation be as follows:
On resignation as a Councillor the person concerned cannot reapply to be a Councillor for a period of six months. (This does not exclude them from standing for election at compulsory election times.)

iii) Proposal to include procedure before co option of new councillors as follows:
Respective councillors to be interviewed by the Parish Clerk followed by a meeting with the Chair and one other councillor from the ward they are applying to stand in.

7. Co-option of New Members
i) Upper Halling ward – Robert Morton
ii) Lower Halling ward – George Wenham

8. Complaint to Halling Parish Council - Closed item.
To discuss complaint received by Parish Council and to make recommendations.

9. Halling View
Discuss recent edition of Halling View and decide on whether to keep format and also discuss moving forward.

10. Old Fire Station building
Update from the Clerk with regard to purchase.

11. Offer of football pitches from Redrow
To discuss adoption of football pitches as part of the Redrow development and propose a meeting with Redrow to look at financial implications.
12. FW13
To provide update with regards to FW13.

13. Halling Community Fun Day (HCFD)
Proposal to set up a committee to run Funday 2014. This to include Councillor Chris Herbert as HPC Financial Chairman in line with recommendations from the internal audit reports on FW11/FW12 accounts.

14. Parish Council Website
Update from Clerk (and Councillor Wightman) on new parish council website.

15. Tidal Floods on Medway River
To discuss recent tidal floods and impact on Parish Council land. Decide recommendations and vote to implement them.

16. Standards Committee
To appoint Standards Committee for the parish council that will deal with all complaints to the parish council and make recommendations for the full parish council.

17. Halling Parish Council leaflet
Update from Clerk on costing for leaflet to discuss moving ahead with leaflets in between Halling Views to give updates and where we are at as a Parish.

18. Effective communication between Parish Councillors
Proposal by Cllr Brady to ensure we all communicate in a constructive manner openly and without conflict and also to discuss how decisions are made guidance and leadership.

19. Planning
MC/13/3107 – Land to the front of 62 Rochester Road, Halling. Construction of a double garage with vehicular access.
MC/13/0615 – 33 Brandons Road, Upper Halling. Side extention.

20. Councillor Training
Proposal that Halling Parish Council hosts training event for the basic modules on planning in April and also hosts training event for basic modules on Finance in November. This will ensure that all our councillors have attended relevant Modules to assist them in their roles.

21. Receipts
To approve receipts to the Parish Council.

22. Payments
i) To discuss and approve for payment any invoices received since Nov meeting.
ii) To approve any payments made since the Nov meeting.

23. Correspondence
To read out any items of correspondence received by the Parish Council since the Nov meeting.
To include statement from Valley of Visions and statement from Trenport.

24. A.O.B

25. Dates of upcoming meetings of the Parish Council.
14th January Finance Committee. 11th February next full meeting of the Parish Council.

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