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February 2014 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of Halling Parish Council held on 11th February 2014 at the Jubilee Hall



Present:         Mark Joy (MJ) in Chair,   Les Hitchcock (LH); Chris Herbert(CH);

Matthew Fearn (MF); Kevyn Wightman (KW); Jim Sutherland (JS); Bob Morton(BM) and

George Wenham(GW).

Bill Swan the Clerk (WS), Trudi Smith – the Assistant Clerk (TS) and 7  members of the public


1.          Apologies

Sally Brady  - reason approved.


2.         Disclosure of any other business

JS – 1 item – relationship between Chair and Vice-Chair; GW – 1 item – Parish Marsh and grazing; MF – 2 items – grievance procedure and Redrow; MJ – 2 items – Rail Partnership and road closures.


3.          Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or prejudicial interests

CH declared a DPI in Agenda item 16 re the Assistant Clerk and a prejudicial interest in the restricted item.

MF declared a DPI in Agenda item 9 as Cemex is his employer.  

MJ declared a prejudicial interest in the AOB raised by JS.


4.        Parishioners’ Questions.

MJ then adjourned the meeting to hear parishioners’ questions.

Among the points raised were the following:

Parking in Vicarage Road and Kent Road; Dog fouling; Cemetery; State of Station Approach and the Street.


5.          Reconvene meeting and Minutes of January 2014 meeting.

It was proposed by LH, seconded by GW, that the minutes were a true record of the January meeting.  All agreed and the Chairman duly signed them.


6.          Matters Arising

Item 6(ii) - MJ said that as this is not legally correct it should be removed from Standing Orders.  Agreed.

Item 11 – MJ said that the offer of either 2 junior pitches or 1 full size pitch would not be happening for at least 18 months.  Redrow will set them up in the first instance but HPC will be responsible for them thereafter.

In connection with this JS said that the cost of maintenance could be quite costly for HPC.  KW felt that all of the houses in St Andrews Park will not be completed for 4 years.  JS said that if any questions regarding Formby Terrace could be forwarded to him as he is representing the interests of residents.


7.          Parishioners right to ask questions

JS proposed that parishioners should be given the opportunity to ask for points of clarification during meetings. This was seconded by KW.  4 voted for the motion with 2 against.  MJ said that he will challenge the legality of this.   The Clerk will check it out.


8.          Halling View - production

As the Vice-Chair was not at the meeting no discussion took place

MF said that he will set up a meeting with Village Voices to discuss their scheme.


9.  White Pit.

KW said that updates have been sent to HPC.  MJ said that the Landowner is responsible for the fencing but this is not shown in the lease.   KW said that any work on the site has to be approved by Natural England.  Still waiting for a response from Cemex following the meeting with HPC.


10. Halling Marsh

KW said that HPC should have a hard copy of the land improvement plan.  GW thought that in view of the state of the marsh that grazing rights should be restricted this year.

The Clerk was asked to put an item on the Agenda for March to propose no grazing in 2014.


11. Bishops Palace

KW reported on another successful work day.   She has reported the missing stones to Medway Council but is waiting for them to get back.


12.  HPC leaflet

JS will be contacting the Clerks about this as soon as possible.  KW asked if a leaflet regarding the dog mess issues could be sent out also.


14.  Halling Fire Station

The Clerk has been in contact with HPC’s Solicitor who has been in touch with Kent Fire and Rescue whose legal team have yet to start the conveyance.   The Clerk stated that the £100,000 has been paid into HPC’s bank by Medway Council.


15. Annual Parish Meeting.

MJ said that HPC should invite local bodies and representatives of groups in the Village to the event where they could have stalls.  It would be best on a Saturday say 26th April.  It will start at 10.00 am and finish at 1.00 pm.


16. Request for Parish Council to pay Clerks’ SLCC annual fees.

The Clerk explained that this is the Clerks’ professional body representing their interests and also that of HPC.  It was proposed by MF, seconded by BM, that the payment of £167.00  be paid on behalf of the Clerks.   CH took no part in the discussion or vote.  It was agreed unanimously by the rest of the Council.


18. Receipts

£691.26 from Daryl Palmer re FW13

£100,000 from Medway Council for Fire Station purchase.


19. Payments


Needing ratification









23 January 2014


Ben Cook

White Pit





23 January 2014


P Scully

White Pit





27 January 2014



Petty cash





















 It was proposed by LH, seconded by KW that these payments should be ratified.  All agreed.








Needing approval
















07 February 2014


Tom Bailey

Upper Rec





07 February 2014


Ben Cook

Lower Rec





07 February 2014


Clive Stanley

Website for Jan 14





07 February 2014


Halling C/C

Charge for 1 meeting





07 February 2014



Training for Clerks





07 February 2014


Royal British Legion

Cost of wreaths

Section 137





































It was proposed by CH, seconded by LH, that these payments be approved.  All Agreed.


As regards the payment of £561 to KCC re the legal costs, KW said that HPC should have known how it works.   JS then proposed that this bill be paid.  There were no seconders so the motion was lost.


21.  Any Other Business

BM agreed to act as representative with the Kent Community Rail Partnership.

MJ said that the sewer pipe from St Andrews Park is to go ahead.

JS said that as the Vice Chair is not here, the matter he raised should not be discussed in her absence.


22.  Date of next Parish council meeting.

Wednesday 12th March at the Community Centre.


Restricted Item – complaints against Parish Council by former members.

MJ proposed that the public be excluded from this item.  LH seconded the motion.

CH and TS left the room in view of their interests.  WS offered to leave but was asked by MJ to stay.  The remaining Members agreed to the motion.

After much discussion the meeting ended without any decision being made as to the reply to be sent to the complainants.  No vote was taken in the Clerks’ presence.


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