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February 2014 ExtraOrdinary Meeting Minutes
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Minutes of extra-ordinary of Halling Parish Council held on 19th February 2014 at the Jubilee Hall



Present:         Sally Brady (SB)  in Chair,   Les Hitchcock (LH);  Kevyn Wightman (KW);

 Jim Sutherland (JS); Bob Morton(BM) and George Wenham (GW)

Bill Swan the Clerk (WS), 3  members of the public


In the absence of the Chairman, Sally Brady as Vice-Chair took the chair.


1.          Apologies

Mark Joy; Chris Herbert and Matt  Fearn  - reasons  approved.


2            Declaration of any Pecuniary and/or prejudicial interests – none


3.        To allow Members of the Grievance Panel to explain the additional legal fees that were not requested at a previous meeting.  If new evidence or explanation is brought to light then a motion to approve payment.

SB then introduced her comprehensive report for the Members and after discussion she proposed that HPC apologises to the Clerk and Assistant Clerk for the way they have been treated by former Members and to pay the outstanding legal bill from Kent County Council.  This was seconded by JS and approved unanimously on both counts.


4.        Motion for the next three items to be held behind closed doors.

SB as Chair proposed that these items be opened up to the public. This was seconded by JS and approved unanimously

1.        Failure by Grievance Panel to complete grievance within time limit agreed at November 2013 meeting.  To discuss either the grievance being completed or the panel dismissed and replaced by new panel to go over all information originally gained to make a final decision.

It was agreed stated that a decision on this has been taken as in item 3 above

2.    Complaint by Mr T Reynolds and Mr D Palmer – to discuss evidence that all the grievance panel were aware of acceptance of original meeting dates and agree response.

Said that HPC is about the Village as a whole not individuals.

SB said that Trevor Reynolds, Daryl Palmer and Richard Thorne should have acted more responsibly and dealt with the grievances in proper time themselves.

SB proposed that HPC send a letter to all three complainants stating facts, giving no apology and closing the matter but if they wish to take it further then it is up to them.

JS seconded the proposal which was approved unanimously.



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