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October 2014 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
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                 APPROVED MINUTES of Halling Parish Council held on 8th October 2014 in The Community Centre



Present: Chair Sally Brady (SB) Vice-Chair Chris Herbert (CH), Les Hitchcock (LH) Bob Morton (BM) Alan Herbert (AH) George Wenham (GW) Jim Sutherland (JS) and 16 members of the public.

Bill Swan – Clerk (WS)

1.           Apologies for absence

               Mark Joy and Matt Fearn – work commitments

2.           Disclosure of any other Business

                SB – football pitches; LH – trees

3.           Declaration of Pecuniary and Prejudicial Interests


4.           Adjourn meeting for Parishioners’ Questions

                 The Chair adjourned the meeting and invited questions from the public present.

                 The following points were raised:

                     Post Box in Upper Halling; Flooding at Pilgrims Rest and Pilgrims Road; Cemetery gates;

                     Plough path fence.

5.            Reconvene meeting and Minutes of Parish Council meetings

                 The Chair reconvened the meeting and asked if the Minutes of the meeting held on 9th September 2014 were a true record. GW proposed that they were, seconded by AH, all

                 were in favour and the Chair duly signed them.

6.            Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting

                 SB – Lafarge have agreed to a bench being put on their land for payment under Section 137.

7.            Co-option of new Members to fill the vacancies in Lower Ward

                 Andrew Simpson was co-opted as a Member of Halling Parish Council to represent Lower Ward, signed the Declaration book and took his place on the Council.

8.            Halling Marsh and footpaths

                  Barry Barnes, the Footpaths Officer, reported on the recent work carried out on the Marsh and thanked GW, WRS and Martyn Court for getting things moving. Following comments

                  from walkers alterations have been made to the stiles so that large dogs can get through and in order to stop cattle jumping the stiles, top bars which can swivelled up have been put

                  in place. A top bar has been removed by one of the landowners which could cause problems with cattle jumping this stile. Barry Barnes is to inform Peter Lingham accordingly.

                  The Plough and Cam paths have been cleared but there is a problem with the fencing at the top of the Plough path. Barry Barnes raised the possibility of permissive footpaths to link

                  the A228 directly to the Parish Council’s march paths and from Whittings farm on the west side of the A228 to link up with Cemetery Road.

                   GW said he had met with several people on the Marsh including 2 American visitors who all complimented the Parish Council for the work carried out on the Marsh. He is concerned

                   about the lock on the Marsh gate – should this be changed and keys given only to those who have genuine access to the Marsh.

                   SB said that there have been 3 complaints about the barbed wire on the Marsh footpaths. The extensive use of stock fencing is not viable and electric fencing is out of the question.

                   Barbed wire is the best option. GW said that barbed wire has always bee used to keep cattle in and is perfectly legal. Barry Barnes said that farmers ring their fields with barbed wire and

                   this was done by the Linghams on the Marsh. It is not in the area of stiles. SB thanked Barry Barnes, George Wenham, Martyn Court and Jenny Robinson for putting the project in place.

9.             Recreation Grounds

                  (a) The Clerk said that out of a total of 1400 questionnaires being delivered to the Village, only 25 answers have been received out of which 19 asked for the Youth Shelter to be

                   removed. The Parish Council appreciates the response from those who did return their slips but due to the low response felt it prudent to discuss this matter further. The Council’s

                   independent play equipment Inspector, Maria Cook, said that the latest shelters had open sides which are far better. She felt that removing the existing a shelter would only move the

                   problems elsewhere. It was agreed to set up a working party with Maria Cook and Councillors to investigate the whole situation and to report back to the next meeting.

                 (b) As MF was not present, his proposal could not be discussed.

10.          Councillor Training

                 SB said that training is being arranged for January 2015 and the Clerk will keep everyone informed.

11.           Planning - No applications have been received since the last meeting.

12.           Halling Association

                 SB reported on the recent meeting of the Association: £540 had been granted to Halling Football Club; Halling Weatherman had got his equipment; approval had been given for the

                 cost of painting the cemetery gate; £1000 for the WW1 commemoration fireworks; approval to pay for a bench in Chapel Lane and £100 towards the Race Night being organised by HALARA

13.           World War 1 Commemoration

                 The Clerk said that arrangements for Remembrance Sunday 9th November were well under way and included the Church Service at St John’s from 10.50 until 12.00 followed by the

                 procession to the War Memorial at Forge Green. There will be an event in the Community Centre from 12.30 till 14.30 at which refreshments will be served by the WI.

                 The School will be bringing along their WW1 exhibits that they have been working on. The pupils will also be singing WW1 songs.There will be a visit from a Villager who remembers

                 WW1 and it is hoped to have a model maker. In the evening between 18.30 and 20.00, the beacon will be lit on the Mound with a short firework display in commemoration.

                 There will also be a refreshment tent. Details will be in a flyer to be delivered to residents nearer the time.

14.          Redrow Homes

                Nothing has been heard from Redrow. GW said that he had heard that the road will not be closed during the pipe laying

15.          Purchase of Halling Fire Station

                CH said that he had been in touch with the Council’s Solicitors concerning the restrictive covenant relating to community use. This will affect any subdivision of the property. The

                option is to get our Solicitor to approach KFRS to get it removed otherwise the Parish Council should not buy the property.

16.          Receipts – see spreadsheet

17.          Payments – see spreadsheet

                It was proposed by LH, seconded by CH that the payments be ratified. All agreed

18.          A.O.B

               LH brought up the issue of the trees in the Upper Rec and an ongoing complaint from a resident backing onto the area. He is currently in discussion with Medway Council’s

               appointed Tree Surgeons.

               SB updated the meeting on the football pitches to be provided by Redrow Homes. They have offered 2 x 5 a side pitches. Redrow are to survey the area and get back to HPC. Car parking

               could be a problem.

                The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

                The date of the next meeting is: on 11th November 2014 at the Jubilee Hall at 7.30pm



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